Obama Seeking To Destroy Hillary In Epic Double Cross

ELDER PATRIOT – As events surrounding Hillary Clinton’s violation of her handling of sensitive information while Secretary of State continue to become known the question is raised why this scandal and why now?  After all, Mrs. Clinton is no stranger to scandal and her acolytes in the mainstream media were always happy to blame anyone else including a “vast right-wing conspiracy, at Mrs. Clinton’s behest. 

The one constant has been that Mrs. Clinton always survived despite her guilt, and her accusers always suffered politically regardless of the depth of the scandal and the evidence against her.  Why is this scandal at this time different?

The answer is because the president himself is behind the continual leak of increasingly incriminating information through the use of his surrogates.  President Obama doesn’t like Hillary Clinton.  He’s never liked her.  He has no use for Bill Clinton, either.  His reasons are both personal and political.

Barack Obama is many things but he is no fool.  He does not want his work undone by a Hillary presidency and he certainly doesn’t want her getting credit for what would remain of his work after she leaves office.  But even more important to Obama is his fundamental transformation of America isn’t complete and he doesn’t trust a Clinton presidency to complete it. 

Who does Obama believe he can trust to complete his work?  Consider his vice-president Joe Biden as a potential president that Obama believes he can control, or at least wield significant influence with to see his work to conclusion.

And so President Obama pursues this scandal in his own way by having his operatives release more damaging information every time Mrs. Clinton thinks she has weathered the damage caused by the most recent leak. 

How do we know Obama is complicit in this?  Simple, every other scandal during Obama’s tenure – the Internal Revenue Service scandal, the unnecessary massacre of United States personnel at Benghazi, the deplorable treatment of our veterans, the Fast and Furious gun-running plot that would up with dead U.S. citizens, it’s almost endless – died because Obama wanted them to die and the flow of incriminating evidence was stopped.

In the case of Mrs. Clinton, the evidence just keeps coming, incriminating her more deeply with each leak and widening the circle of her associates’ culpability in this scandal. 

President Obama has chosen to navigate a very treacherous course, one that may prove his ultimate undoing and the undoing of the Democratic Party.  If Mrs. Clinton chooses to fight this to the “bitter” end revelations are more than likely to implicate the President Obama, as well.  For example, we already know that Mrs. Clinton had the president’s imprimatur to use her personal email server in a direct violation of the Espionage Act by the both of them.

This is developing into a war between the two most powerful factions of the Democratic Party and, if Mrs. Clinton continues refusing to step aside, the competing loyalties of their political allies would be certain to produce fireworks like we’ve never seen before with the depth of yet-to-be exposed scandals being even deeper than those with even the most vivid imaginations finding hard to believe.