OBAMA SILENT After FBI Calls San Bernardino TERRORISM; LOOK What BARACK Did Yesterday INSTEAD …

VIA| We should know by now how our president reacts to certain tragedies that shock the very heart and soul of our nation — that nation he supposedly leads.

Understandably (sarcasm intended) the president has a busy fundraising schedule to keep, as he did immediately following the murder of four Americans in Benghazi and the deaths of nine in Charleston, South Carolina, for example. He believes the show must go on, as he showed us right after the five U.S. servicemen were gunned down in Chattanooga, Tennessee — when he headed to New York for a broadway show. And, of course, the only way one keeps a decent swing is to remain faithful to the golf course, as he showed us after addressing the nation in the wake of the Islamic State’s brutally beheaded American James Foley, when he jumped right back onto the golf course just minutes later.

Well, at least in the case of James Foley’s death, the president addressed the nation and acknowledged a significant national tragedy. Which is what he DIDN’T do yesterday after the FBI confirmed our worst fears that indeed Wednesday’s massacre in San Bernardino appears to be an act of terrorism on U.S. soil.

Nope, yesterday the president must’ve been too busy getting ready to party with DeRay McKesson and others at the White House. Check it out:

Of course, earlier in the day Obama’s attorney general Loretta Lynch — the same one who said her ‘greatest fear’ in wake of the San Bernardino attacks was anti-Muslim rhetoric — was busy meeting with DeRay and his cohorts, as was the FLOTUS’ chief of staff.

Maybe it’s just me, but I kinda felt like the confirmation from our own FBI that the U.S. has just experienced a major terror attack  within our own shores — the deadliest one since 9/11 — might’ve warranted a few words from the top. It used to be that was something Americans could look to our leaders for.

To be fair, the president did finally utter the words “act of terror” this morning in his routine weekly address to the nation — because I guess the act of terrorism on U.S. soil is now to be treated as routine? — right before he launched into his usual gun control rhetoric. Of course.

I guess one thing you’ve got to give the Obama administration credit for; it’s usually pretty clear on where its priorities lie. And it’s clear in the case of the San Bernardino massacre that the Obama administration’s priority is doing everything possible to detract attention away from what it really was — an act of Islamic terrorism on U.S. soil — and instead use the tragedy to push his own agenda. Which, of course, includes gun control, the issue he’s made clear is top of the list for his last year in office.