Obama Takes To ELLEN To Do What He Does Best … LIE HIS ASS OFF

ELDER PATRIOT  – President Obama appeared on the Ellen Degeneres show yesterday to propagate his lies about spending where he charged that many of the critics of his wildly irresponsible spending “are just factually inaccurate.”

The president continued: “The amount of stuff that is just put out there on the Internet, or on, sometimes news broadcasts that are just factually inaccurate is surprising, and it’s really hard to catch up. Since I came into office, we reduced the deficit by two-thirds. But if you ask the average person, they’re sure that spending has shot up, and the reason is because, there are a bunch of folks who say that we’re wildly overspending, even though we aren’t. And that’s just one small example, but it happens all the time, and that’s something that we have to fix, partly by people paying more attention to what’s going on every single day. And it’s hard. People are busy.”

You be the judge of the following data gathered from official government websites: 

During the entirety of Bush’s presidency, from 9/30/2001-9/30/2009 the Bush administration ran up a $6.1 trillion deficit despite then record revenues over the same period of $17.2 trillion on $23.3 trillion in spending.

During Obama’s first seven years in office, from 9/30/2009-9/30/15 the Obama administration ran up a $6.3 trillion deficit on new record revenues over the same period of $18.1 trillion on 24.4 trillion in spending.  Obama’s budget for the final year of his presidency calls for another $4.1 trillion in spending that would bring total spending under his eight years in office to $28.5 trillion.

George Bush was by far the most profligate president in American up until that time more than doubling the debt that had been accumulated by all of America’s previous administrations.  Obama ‘s new budget will mean spending during his eight years will have increased 24% over Bush’ irresponsible spending spree and will wind up with the debt being doubled again during his administration.

Unscrupulous politicians of all stripes succeed only because people choose whom and what they want to believe rather than doing the research for themselves so that they may make informed decisions.