Obama’s Executive Overreach on Guns

ELDER PATRIOT – Restrictions on social security recipients that is among President Obama’s executive actions on limiting gun ownership is the greatest evidence yet that he would disarm every one of us if he could get away with it.


There is scant evidence of any social security recipient’s involvement in any of the high profile shootings that the president has used to justify his violation of the rights of all American citizens.  Yet, the budding dictator will order the cross-referencing of Social Security Administration mental health files to disqualify as many people as possible from owning guns. 


The inevitable result of this is that people who require mental health treatment will avoid getting that help.

The are 30,000 gun laws currently on the books that this president has refused to enforce in order to allow as much carnage as possible in order to shift public opinion to believing more laws, or even confiscation, are necessary.


The administration sent their minions out using this justification for their Constitutional overreach; “The president feels that if we save only one or two lives…” 

Using that line of reasoning the president could’ve restricted gun ownership in a similar manner to members of Black Lives Matter, members of mosques that espouse virulent jihadi rhetoric, and inner city blacks.  They all represent a much greater threat to the safety of everyday Americans than our seniors do.


With this explanation President Obama is clearly laying the foundation for future infringements on the Second Amendment that are likely to come later in his regime if he can achieve the civil unrest he is trying so hard to stir up.