ROMNEY WORDSWORTH – The Oklahoma Department of Human Services, at the behest of the Federal Department of Health and Human Services, is now denying anyone wishing to become a Foster Parent the opportunity if they happen to own a gun.


The Second Amendment Foundation has filed a lawsuit against the Oklahoma DHS on behalf of a couple whose application to become foster parents was denied because they are gun owners.  “This mandate for foster parents is not just restrictive, it’s ridiculous,” said Alan Gottlieb, founder of the Second Amendment Foundation. “Why should a foster parent be stripped of his or her right to self-defense, or their ability to defend their foster child, simply to appease some bureaucrat’s anti-gun philosophy?”

For the last two years, Oklahoma’s DHS has instituted a written policy to prospective foster and adoptive parents titled “Weapon Safety Agreement for Foster or Adoptive Family,” which “prevents the carrying of firearms in the child’s presence ‘unless the employment of foster/adoptive applicant or parent requires when on-duty.’”  This denies 2nd Amendment rights to those wishing to adopt children or become foster parents to all Oklahomans except for a narrow class of citizens who are Law Enforcement Officers.

The State of Oklahoma is defending this infringement on 2nd Amendment rights under the usual cliché of “Child Safety”.

So, the pattern is emerging, showing how Obama and the Gun Grabbers plan to eviscerate the 2nd Amendment:  Condition public services and the governmental permitting process on the surrender of your 2nd Amendment rights.  Want to adopt a child?  Surrender your guns.  Are you a military veteran and want mental health care?  Surrender your guns.  Are you a social security recipient and want your social security payment direct deposited into your bank account?  Surrender your guns.  The foregoing are not hypotheticals, they are actual policies that have been instituted under Obama.  Under the rubric of “mental health”, the Veterans Administration has been administratively declaring hundreds of veterans to be “mentally ill” and “incompetent”, and putting them on “No Buy” lists for firearms.  This is being done without due process, and without a Hearing in a court proceeding.  Even notice of being put on a No Buy list is withheld:  Veterans are only finding out when they try to purchase a firearm.

BRIAN SANFORD, a retired Marine, protested Tucson, Ariz. city councilman S. Kozachik's gun buy back event by holding placards and open-carrying an AR-15 and a 9mm pistol.  Sanford said he would not turn in his guns to the government.
BRIAN SANFORD, a retired Marine, protested Tucson, Ariz. city councilman S. Kozachik’s gun buy back event by holding placards and open-carrying an AR-15 and a 9mm pistol. Sanford said he would not turn in his guns to the government.

The Regime is very afraid of veterans.  They have the military skills and the organizational contacts that make them most likely, in the Regime’s eyes, to create an armed insurrection to the Federal Tyranny under Obama.  Like a weapon in danger of falling into enemy hands, the Regime wants to “spike” these weapons (veterans) before they are used against the Regime.  This is the same Regime that in 2009 had the DHS issue a report saying it was “concerned that rightwing extremists will attempt to recruit and radicalize returning veterans in order to boost their violent capabilities.”  Essentially smearing all veterans as being potential terrorists.

This ethos is getting ever more pervasive.  Thus, the Social Security Administration is declaring elderly recipients “financially incompetent” under a fraudulent line of reasoning that getting direct deposit somehow means you can’t handle your finances without “help”.  That’s like saying you are mathematically incompetent because you sometimes use a calculator.

The Republican Establishment in Congress is doing nothing to challenge these Executive Branch abuses of gun owners.  In the absence of any push back, you can expect the Obama Regime to keep adding more governmental services or permits to the list that require you to surrender your guns:  They could go after student loan recipients.  This fits right in with Liberals views that all schools and university campuses be “gun free zones”.  What about people getting food stamps? Medicaid? Potentially the government could demand citizens surrender their guns as a prerequisite for any government permitting:  Want a driver’s license?  That’s a privilege, not a right, so the government demands you surrender your guns.  Even though driver’s licenses are issued by the states, the Federal government has so many hooks and strings to manipulate the states that they can get them to dance to any tune.  This is how the Federal government coerced a national drinking age, and national speed limits.

Want to get a passport?  The Federal government could easily start demanding you surrender your guns to get one, and who would stop them?  Challenges in courts take years, and Obama has infested the Federal Judiciary with loyal political apparatchiks that will rubber stamp anything he wants.


In my opinion, November 2016 can’t come fast enough.