Once Again Progressives Employ Force To Advance Fascism

ELDER PATRIOT – The police state continues growing in America and anything less than complete compliance may be met with deadly force.  Take the case of Angela Zorich whose home was raided by a St. Louis S.W.A.T. team.  The elite police unit, while executing a no-knock warrant, kicked her door in and immediately fired three shots killing her family dog.  They then turned their attention to her son threatening to put three more bullets in him.  They trashed her entire home before leaving.  Her crime?  She no longer had natural gas service to her house.  Seriously!


What possible excuse could these jack-booted thugs “masquerading” as our “defenders” have to justify their behavior?  The family posed no threat and the dog had made no aggressive moves before being shot.


What possible reason could the judge who issued the no-knock warrant had?  The warrant was issued on the basis of a property maintenance complaint by housing inspectors who also found substandard siding and windows on her house.


What could the sergeant issuing the orders to activate a S.W.A.T. have been thinking?  Why were the police even involved?  The siding and window concerns made this a housing authority issue.  Beyond that, any government that demands any resident to have natural gas service has over-stepped its constitutional authority.


Angel Zorich’s Fourth Amendment Constitutional protections were violated in the most egregious manner.


It may be significant to note that St. Louis has been under control of the Democrat Party since 1949.  With that in mind, and with Missouri still reeling from the events in Ferguson, we should ask ourselves the question why was this level of force authorized?  What is the bigger picture?


Where is the president saying this could’ve been his mama and her son and their dog?  Where is the outcry from Eric Holder and the Department of Justice?  Where is the outrage from “community leaders” demanding justice and encouraging rioting?


Finally, where was the common sense and common decency from the police who manned this S.W.A.T. team?


The fact that Angela Zorich is white speaks loudly.