ROMNEY WORDSWORTH – Welcome to the 100th column written by Yours Truly.  Despite being my Centennial Essay, it’s STILL Wednesday, January 27, 2016, and you know what that means:  It’s Trumpday!  Let’s get started.

The Big News:  Donald Trump has announced that he is boycotting the next Republican Primary Debate, being run by Fox News, because Megyn Kelly is biased against him.  Trump offered to participate if FNC removed Megyn Kelly as a moderator and replaced her with a more neutral one who doesn’t have an axe to grind.  FNC has refused.  Trump will now spend the day raising money for wounded veterans instead, and, I imagine, take to his twitter account and comment during the debate.  On the plus side, Rand Paul has regained admittance to the main stage.

Ted Cruz, and others, are jumping on the situation and painting Trump as fragile, egotistic, and unable to deal with a hostile press.

Here’s my analysis:  This is a shrewd move by Trump, and he has executed what in chess is called a “fork” move.  No matter what the opponent does, he wins.  If FNC had given in and removed Kelly, then Trump would have succeeded in humiliating one of his most vocal media critics.  As it stands now, the media will breathlessly report on Trump’s every tweet during the debate, allowing him to again hog the lime light, be able to comment to the questions and responses of the debate as he sees fit, and avoid any “gotcha” questions or counter-attacks from other candidates.

Megyn Kelly’s response to the whole affair has been very illuminating.  She celebrated Trump’s withdrawal to giggles with Michael Moore on her show.  Comments made:

“Donald Trump today said I’m not playing ball with this network. That’s a historic moment, and it’s going to be interesting to see where the real power is. Trump thinks he doesn’t need Fox News. I think Fox News probably has something else to say about that. And it’ll be interesting to see where do the powers that be go with this?”

Instead of being embarrassed for having made herself the center of attention, which is unprofessional, Kelly is instead laying a marker down, that Fox News is asserting the right to be a King Maker in the primary process.  I remember her opening question in the first debate.  Her voice was filled with hatred and scorn as she rolled out the “war on women” meme against Trump.  She absolutely wanted to pick a fight with Trump to garner media attention for herself.  Such private agendas are made at the expense of the public interest, and are absolutely unprofessional.

The media did not create Donald Trump, and they are going to find out that they therefore cannot destroy Trump, although I thought that had already been amply demonstrated.

NRO v Trump

National Review magazine fired off a full broadside at Donald Trump this week, devoting a full, entire issue to make the case why Donald Trump should not be the Republican nominee.  A veritable constellation of Washington Salon-style Conservatives were assembled:  Glenn Beck, David Boaz, Brent Bozell, Mona Charen, Erick Erickson, Steven Hayward, Mark Helprin, Bill Kristol, Dana Loesch, Andrew McCarthy, Michael Medved, Ed Meese, John Podhoretz, Thomas Sowell, Cal Thomas, and some other names I don’t recognize were splashed on the magazine’s cover.

The case can be boiled down to:  Trump is a buffoon who is snookering you rubes, so snap out of your trance and listen to us, your betters.

Said broadside bounced off of The Donald’s inimitable hairdo like so many cannonballs off the hull of the USS Monitor during the Civil War, to no effect.  In fact, after the NRO issue, Trump continued to rise even higher in National Polls—breaking the 41% mark on the latest CNN poll!  For an Encore, NRO has devoted its latest issue to insulting Trump Voters—as “post literate bigots”.  I really enjoy it when the so-called Intelligentsia Chattering Classes have the sort of magniloquent temper tantrum that only an Ivy League Snob can achieve.

Never forget that Trump would not be running but for the serial betrayals of Republican Party office holders to the voters.  Republican perfidy has been so utterly complete that they have not only lost control of the electoral process, but they also have succeeded in making the electorate immune to anything they say now.  This is going to be a Movement Election in the same way that the herds of Bison of the Great Plains of the pre-1870’s was a movement:  Ground shaking, and destroying underfoot anything that doesn’t get the Hell out of the way!

A record number of Americans are now on record saying they “hate” the Federal Government, according to a new American Customer Satisfaction Index.  The most hated agency of the Federal government is, no surprise, the IRS.   This does not bode well for the “Party of Government”, the Democrat party.

Speaking of the Democrat Party, Alex Jones is confirming what I have long suspected:  The so-called “debates” put on by the DemocRats and their Media propagandists have been completely scripted.  Monday night’s “Townhall” with the Democrat candidates run by Palace Guard CNN featured pre-selected softball questions that only a marshmallow man could throw, pre-rehearsed answers, and hand picked members of the audience to ask the questions.  CNN even instructed the audience when to applaud.  All the friendly features of a Soviet Show Trial, and for the same reasons. 


The only thing that wasn’t scripted was another one of Hillary’s lengthy coughing fits—almost as if the Truth was trying to escape out of her lying mouth.  Not only do Hillary’s coughing fits raise questions about her health, they are as uncomfortable to listen to as a cat with black lung trying to hack up a furball.  When she has to debate Donald Trump on stage, he won’t be as boot licking deferential as CNN was to bring the show to a halt while she recovers.  Her coughing jags are lengthy enough to allow Trump to recite the names of all the women Bill has sexually assaulted.  Yeah, it’s THAT long.  Matt Drudge tweeted that Hillary’s speech patterns were that of a person heavily drugged by anti-anxiety meds.

As an eerie prologue, there is a town councilman (Democrat, naturally) in Illinois who is being sworn into office from behind bars, awaiting prosecution for drug dealing and murder.  One can easily see Hillary and the entire Democrat Establishment insisting on running Hillary for President even if she is indicted for mishandling classified data and influence pedaling.

While Sarah Palin was endorsing Donald Trump, Ted Cruz has accepted the sweaty embrace of Glenn Beck’s endorsement.  Beck immediately established himself as a credible political analyst by announcing that “Trump has the makings of Adolf Hitler”.  Godwin’s Law, Glenn.  You lose.  Remember when Ted Cruz ran a careful campaign designed to scoop up Trump supporters if/when Trump made a fatal mistake?  Looks like it’s all slash n’ burn now, with opponents attacks the intelligence of Trump supporters while Trump doubles down on Cruz being an ineligible Canadian.  I suppose that at 41%, Trump is getting close to not needing anyone else’s help.


Jeb!  Jeb Who?  Sounds like the punchline to a lame joke now, doesn’t it?  Jeb is spending his last millions trying to tear down Marco Rubio, in a bid to move from 5th place to 3rd.  Meanwhile, Jeb! is the Poster Boy for dynastic corrupt cronyism in politics and government.  The government that record numbers of Americans hate.  At least he’ll have the votes of the cocktail conservatives over at the NRO.  Maybe a year from now the consultancy class will have their epiphany and realize that no amount of money will fool the hicks anymore, not after the betrayals on Obamacare, foreign wars, trade, and immigration.  The Washington Elites crossed that line of greed and hubris where nobody cares what they say anymore.  They have lost their control over the electoral process.  It might be a blessing in disguise, because the alternative is civil war.