VIA| Don’t get me wrong – meeting a famous person (or anyone we look up to) can be a nerve-wracking experience. Nobody wants to look like a fool in front of their idols.

One liberal college journalist (who is supporting Sanders) got to meet her second pick for the nomination in person last week. Except, she managed to step in it. As Elise Goodvin recalls from the event:

Standing to my right there was a woman from the New York Times, to my left a woman named Monica who was a contact for MSNBC.

Finally after waiting for much longer than anticipated Hillary came out to greet the press, I was towards the end and she walked down the line shaking hands of the small few that were left, walking in front of her was the woman who was in charge of media for the campaign shaking hands as well thanking people for staying.

At some point her head of media must have stepped back to do something because without looking I reached out and shook the hand coming towards me, looking to my side and saying “it’s nice meeting you, Monica” as a farewell to the MSNBC correspondent next to me.

I then realized the face the arm was attached to was in fact not the head of media, but the former Secretary of State.

Goovin then clarified “Oh I meant her…. not Lewinsky.” Oops. Too late!

Granted the “not Lewinsky” part was under my breath. I didn’t expect her to hear it but instantly her face went from smiling a grand fake smile to an instant “are you kidding me” pissed off face.

Clearly a nerve was hit. Big time.

The head of media came up and told me that Secretary Clinton would no longer be taking any questions from me and it would just be best if I left.

Oh well. What difference, at this point, does it make anyway?