ROMNEY WORDSWORTH – It is Tuesday, June 14, 2016, and today we do not have to go to some far flung corner of the globe for our Terrorist Tuesdays column.  Terrorism has come to us, and to the most popular vacation spot in the nation.  It has now been revealed that, in addition to having an allegiance to ISIS, the Orlando mass shooter, Omar Mateen, owed allegiance to another political organization that has used terror in the past:  The Democrat Party.  Voting records show that Mateen was a registered Democrat, the party of slavery, segregation, and the KKK.


Further, Mateen was a licensed security guard employed by the U.S. subsidiary of G4S, plc, a British multinational security services company, whose U.S. headquarters are located in Jupiter, Florida, and which is the world’s largest security company by revenue.  Mateen had worked for G4S since 2007.

Nevertheless, Mateen was reported multiple times by coworkers for making terroristic threats.  He was prone to violent verbal outbursts when it came to the subject of women (whom he resented having to treat as an equal), homosexuality or religion.  This resulted in Mateen being interviewed three times in F.B.I. investigations, which went nowhere.  This went as far back as 2013, where Mateen claimed to have terrorist ties to co-workers.  In 2014, Mateen was investigated for his ties to Moner Abusalha, who went to the same mosque as Mateen, and who left Florida to become a suicide bomber for Al Nusra in Syria. 

In each instance, Mateen got a pass BECAUSE HE WAS MUSLIM, and Muslims just aren’t expected to behave themselves in the same way as other people.  Instead, their primitive and violent tendencies are excused because of their religion.  Despite the multiple FBI investigations, and being on a terrorist watchlist, Mateen was allowed to work for a DHS security contractor, be licensed as a security specialist, and was allowed to obtain firearms licenses and work in a sensitive sector that gave him access to military grade weapons not available to the general public.

BATF records show that Mateen legally passed criminal background checks and was allowed to buy a hand gun and a long barrel firearm days before the mass shooting at The Pulse in Orlando.  Gun control laws are useless when the government turns an official blind eye to the connection between Islam and terrorism.

But the terrorist network extends far beyond Mateen.  The Department of Homeland Security hired G4S to transport illegal O.T.M.’s (Other Than Mexican) from the U.S. border where they were apprehended to the major bus terminal in Phoenix in unmarked white vans….where they would then be released on the street.  No vetting, no identification, no health exams, and not even with the issuance of court appearance documents. 


This has been reported by Judicial Watch HERE 

This operation has been going on, against the law, directly on the executive orders of President Barack Obama, making 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue the most notorious address in the country for what constitutes a domestic terror sleeper cell.  Obama has opened the flood gates for Syrian and Afghani immigration, even though 99% of Afghanis support rule by Sharia Law, and 84% of Syrians.

One of these radicalized Afghanis that was let into the country was Omar Mateen’s father, Seddique Mateen.  CBS News Orlando has reported that Seddique Mateen is a strong vocal supporter of the Taliban in Afghanistan who has said that “God will punish homosexuals”.  So, the apple didn’t fall far from the tree in this case, and the Elder Mateen’s disowning of his son’s actions sound nauseatingly insincere in light of these facts.  The elder Mateen is also virulently anti-American.

So Omar Mateen, whose allegiance was with ISIS, was involved in the Obama administration’s ongoing operation to illegally secrete O.T.M.’s (most often of Arabic origin) to undisclosed areas within the United States.  Doubtless this gave him the opportunity to make contact with Jihadis entering the United States, and to look the other way and say silent rather than protect the safety of United States citizens.  This is literally putting our enemies in charge of our gates.


No amount of gun control laws would have stopped Mateen.  He had access to guns because the Obama Administration let him work for a DHS security contractor.  He was allowed to work in this sensitive position because Obama refuses to admit that there is a connection between Islam and violence.  Gun control laws will only ensure that the Jihadi terrorists which the Obama administration is shipping into the country will have happy hunting grounds where no one is armed to resist their attacks.  The problem here is not weapons for sale under the 2nd Amendment, the problem is the weaponized immigrants being allowed to enter the country with zero scrutiny.  We don’t need Gun Control, we need Muslim Control.  Donald Trump was right to suggest that this begins with a moratorium on further Muslim immigration to the U.S.  Islam and Shariah Law are absolutely incompatible with the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  We should not be bringing people into the country who belong to a religion and ideology that makes them impossible to assimilate into American culture.  It is a recipe for Balkanization and violent Civil War.