VIA| Apparently, President Obama does have a few ideas to stop ISIS that go beyond climate change. But apparently his influence in the world to direct strategy isn’t quite a grand as he’d imagined, after all — despite all that he’s done to lift the U.S. image across the globe (just in case you weren’t sure, that IS sarcasm).

Check out how Turkey responded to Obama’s demands that they close its border with Syria to end the influx of new Islamic State fighters heading into Syria and Iraq.

Via The Daily Caller:

President Barack Obama wants Turkey to close its 60-mile-long border with Syria to end the influx of new Islamic State fighters pouring into Syria and Iraq.

If Turkey acquiesces to Obama’s demands, no entry points will remain between the two countries. The entire border is 550 miles long, The Wall Street Journal reports.

But a Turkish official quickly pointed out to The Wall Street Journal the irony in Washington’s call to close off the border, given the U.S. is completely unable to stop flows in and out of Mexico.

In response, a U.S. official said, “If we were at war with Mexico, we’d close that border.”

Of course, the Obama administration conveniently ignores the fact that refugees — possibly and maybe even likely including terrorists in their midst — along with illegal aliens (whom, to be clear, I’m NOT equating with terrorists) continue to cross our border with Mexico. And liberals and others poke fun at the likes of Donald Trump for suggesting hardcore means to close it off. The bottom line is the Obama administration CHOOSES to keep our own border porous, even while demanding another sovereign country close its own. Talk about arrogance — but what else do you expect from our dear president?

Tens of thousands of fighters use Turkey as a gateway to ISIS-controlled territory. If the border closes down completely, ISIS will suffer a serious blow in terms of recruitment.

While the U.S. has allowed Turkey to beg off closing the last section of the border because of feasibility concerns, with the recent terrorist attacks in Paris, a whole new wave of pressure is coming from Washington to get the job done.

“The game has changed. Enough is enough. The border needs to be sealed,” an Obama administration official told The Wall Street Journal. “This is an international threat, and it’s all coming out of Syria and it’s coming through Turkish territory.”

Apparently, the Obama administration is convinced that strong borders work, at least in some cases, estimating that about 30,000 troops are needed to block ISIS movements.

Yep, strong borders work — but only when you WANT them to.

Turkish officials confirmed that removing ISIS from the border is a chief concern, but added Turkey doesn’t need patronizing reminders.

“Turkey is determined to clean Daesh from the 98 kilometers of border between Kilis and Jarabulus,” a senior Turkish government official told The Wall Street Journal. “There is no need to receive any kind of warning or advice from anyone, including our U.S. partners.”

Wow, can you hear the respect for President Obama and the U.S. there? [Yes, sarcasm again.] The sad reality is that President Obama has so weakened U.S. standing in the world that you have to wonder why ANYONE would listen to us anymore.