VIA| Police officers being denied service at restaurants has sort of become common place these days, likely due to the constant cop-hating narrative pushed by the loony left that has folks believing every man and woman with a badge is a power hungry racist who loves to shoot minorities.

The latest such case comes from an Olive Garden where a cop — who was on duty — and meeting with family at the restaurant was denied service.


Because of his gun.

From KCTV-5 via Opposing Views:

Officer Michael Holsworth posted on Facebook saying he was on duty and was meeting his family for a birthday lunch at the restaurant near Noland Road and U.S. Highway 40 on Saturday.


While he was waiting, Holsworth said an employee told him they don’t allow guns in the restaurant.

Holsworth said he was in full uniform and told the worker he was on duty, which required him to have a gun. When he said that he could leave, the employee allegedly said, “Yes, please leave.”

Kansas City Police Chief Darryl Forte tweeted that he is “looking into what happened.”

Holsworth issued a statement through the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 99. In it he says, “It is my hope that Olive Garden handles this situation appropriately so no other officer has the same experience I had today.”

Not long after issuing that statement, the president of Olive Garden reached out directly to officer Holsworth to apologize.


It seems Olive Garden is taking the proper steps to rectify the situation, but the point still stands that the incident should’ve never happened to begin with.

A police officer who is on duty isn’t just a regular joe-schmoe with a gun. There’s no such thing as taking a break when on the job. Cops need to be prepared to protect and serve at all times, and that means having the proper tools at their disposal to fulfill their duty.

Law enforcement officers who are technically on the job shouldn’t be forced out of an establishment for carrying a gun. That’s just silly.

Much of this stems from the cop-hate mentioned earlier, but it’s also the natural consequences of the anti-gun rhetoric pushed by the news and by liberals everywhere.

Folks are so terrified of guns and cops that the mere sight of the two together frightens them beyond the capacity for rational thought.

The left has successfully planted this fear in their hearts, and it’s up to us as conservatives to help educate people on guns so some of this fear can be eased.