OUTRAGE: These Kids Said A Prayer To Jesus At School, The Teachers Response Made My BLOOD BOIL!!!

VIA| One Mississippi school district lost $7,500 of their budget and has made one protesting student who sued $2,500 richer. But your blood will boil when you hear what sparked the legal battle.

It all started when a school assembly honoring high-achievers opened the event with prayer. The Rankin, Miss., district was charged the fine after U.S. District Judge Carlton Reeves said that the opening prayer defied his prior order barring prayers at school events.

In addition to the fine, the judge ordered the district to pay the student’s legal fees, an amount that will be determined at a later date, and threatened a $10,000 fine for any future infractions of the order.

Fox News Reported that Rankin County Superintendent Lynn Weathersby said that despite the court’s ruling, students and teachers will continue to pray. However, district staff will have to adjust in order to comply with the ruling.

I just can’t believe this! Watch the full report below:

It’s a heartbreaking reality to know that an informal school gathering can’t open in prayer. We applaud the superintendent for standing her ground and refusing to be intimidated or pushed around by our corrupt system.
God help us, when will America realize that we are nothing without the God in whom we trust?
What do you think of the judge’s ruling?