Palin to Endorse Trump Exposes Media Hypocrisy

ELDER PATRIOT – Evidence is mounting that Sarah Palin is preparing to endorse Donald Trump and the mainstream media is at a loss as to whom to attack and in what manner.

Media Meme

Quote: “…the idea that Palin was poised to jump aboard the Trump Train when so many influential figures within the conservative talk radio constellation are at long last blasting The Donald and rallying to Cruz.”

I guess these numbnuts will finally be forced to acknowledge that conservatives think for themselves and not according to the diktats of Sean Hannity or Rush Limbaugh who have let them down in the past.

Quote: “Should Palin’s endorsement both come to fruition, and push Trump over the top, emotionalist nationalistic populism will have officially — perhaps temporarily — supplanted principled, policy-driven, limited-government conservatism as the dominant strain within the American right-wing.”

Since when has the mainstream media ever done anything but trash “principled, policy-driven, limited-government conservatism”?  The mainstream media has been a sworn enemy of strident conservatism forever.  They couldn’t care a whit about the principles of conservatism except when they threaten to actually win an election and then the effort is to divide in order to conquer the successful candidate.

Otto von Bismark famously said, “Politics is the art of the possible.”  Trump’s willingness to address immigration, jobs, and the economy shows a profound understanding by movement conservatives of the need to prioritize what’s important and what’s possible.  The fact that Trump is running as an insurgent threatening the power structure of the once conservative Republican Party makes him even more attractive to the rank and file who have been severely marginalized by party leadership for far too long.  They ignored us to their own peril.


Let’s turn our attention to the use of the label Populist as a pejorative.  Labeling a candidate as a Populist as though it is some kind of pejorative term to be avoided turns the language and electoral politics on its head.  All candidates should be populists appealing to the largest percentage of potential voters as possible.  Of course, the term populist is only used negatively to describe conservative leadership. 


Here’s some food for thought, when leaders fail to be populists they are tyrants ruling against the will of the majority.  This truth has not been lost on conservatives who are now endeavoring to purge the Republican Party of the Oligarchs that have seized controlled of it. 

Those who told us not to form a third party but rather to take back control of the Republican Party should be rejoicing.  That they’re rallying behind Cruz exposes who really writes their talking points.

May I suggest that Cruz would be trailing severely without Donald Trump running interference.  Trump’s outspoken manner has allowed Cruz to look statesmanlike but make no mistake Cruz would be being attacked unmercifully and marginalized by the media if he were in this fight alone.

Dig in.  This fight for the soul of America has just begun.