Party Insiders: Trump Likely Nominee

ELDER PATRIOT – When Donald Trump first bolted to the top of the field of Republican presidential candidates I wrote that the most exciting aspect of his ascendancy was his potential to completely remake the party by cleansing it of its big-government RINO’s.  After five months of Republican establishment attacks on him, support for the Teflon Don is stronger than ever and now an internal memo coupled with recent remarks by John McCain confirms that the party’s ruling elite is reconciling themselves to the likelihood of a Trump victory.

National Republican Senatorial Committee Executive Director Ward Baker has circulated a seven-page internal memo.  The gist of Baker’s memo is how to salvage the Senate for their existing Globalist candidates in the wake of an inevitable Trump victory.  Baker is close with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and that should tell you all you need to know about his motivation – win but maintain the status quo as it has been in Washington.  That would be to promise conservatism and a “glide path to a balanced budget” during their campaigns and then to increase debt beyond any reason once elected.  It’s a formula that has worked for them for the past three electoral cycles. 

Baker concluded his memo with this warning:  “Trump has been gaining Democrat adherents and he’s solidifying GOP cohorts who feel like they’ve been totally ignored by the Washington Ruling Class.  If the environment aligns properly, Trump could win.”

Totally ignored” doesn’t come close to describing the enmity that we feel, if that’s possible.

Then there’s John McCain who earlier this week had the temerity to suggest at a Christian Science Monitor breakfast: “Obviously we all know from history that if you have a weak top of the ticket that has a significant effect on the states, particularly the swing states. If it is an unpopular. You know I hate to refer to Barry Goldwater, who I loved and admired. But the fact is when Barry Goldwater lost, we lost big time.”

Senator McCain conveniently avoided the fact that Goldwater was responsible for spawning Ronald Reagan’s presidential run.  Reagan became the most successful and popular president of the last century.  That’s what leadership is about Mr. McCain, doing what’s right even if it means a loss in the near-term.  It’s not about feeding your personal avarice.

His statement calling Trump a weak top to the ticket is laughable in light of Ward Baker’s memo outlining broad-based support for Trump among the rank and file of both parties.

There’s more to McCain’s concern than he’s letting on.  He’s facing a primary challenge from Arizona State Senator Kelli Ward and recent polling shows her leading McCain by nine points and has her winning against the likely Democratic nominee.  Any hope McCain has for retaining his Senate seat is likely tied to having an establishment candidate at the top of the ticket. 

McCain’s predicament is not unique to Arizona.  There are twenty-four GOP senators up for re-election and many are facing similar primary challenges.  It’s become clear that Trump’s success has emboldened both, political challengers to entrenched senators and the Republican Party faithful who have come to realize that taking on the incumbents won’t be fruitless.

Senator McCain is right about one thing; “his” party is in danger of losing the senate.  That would be the party of bigger government representing the military-industrial complex, international mega-banks, large cap corporations, open borders, loss of American sovereignty, and uncontrolled and irresponsible spending (generational theft was the term he used during his failed bid against Barack Obama.)

Ward Baker, John McCain and the rest of the Republican establishment only fear losing their personal grip on power.  They see what’s going on very clearly, their governance against the will of the people has finally caught up with them.  Knowing their chances of defeating Trump’s presidential bid is growing increasingly unlikely they now seek to co-opt his success.

It’s beginning to look like the people won’t be fooled again and are instead motivated in joining with Trump in reclaiming the Republican Party and returning it to its conservative roots. 

McCain is concerned about losing the Senate.  The Republican rank and file is focused on finally winning it.