Pass Stupid & Go Straight to Enemy Sympathizer … Questions Liberals Can’t Answer

ELDER PATRIOT – I used to view liberals as annoyances creating roadblocks to my personal success.  I no longer view them so forgivingly.  Their incessant response to being confronted with the facts is always “but we have to do something’ without regard to the cost of, or lack of probability of success.  Their refusal to deal in the real world of Bell Curves, economic realities, government debt, and human behavior has the United States on the verge of ceding it’s leadership of the world’s free and prosperous nations.

Whenever my political statements are challenged by a liberal I ask them to answer these simple questions before giving them the right to engage me in political debate.

Please tell me one government social or economic program that has met its original goal.

Please tell me one government social or economic program that hasn’t run significantly over budget.

Please explain how the welcoming of hundreds of thousands of Muslims of unknown origin and intent help make our lives better.

Please tell me which government programs have brought us over $19 trillion in debt.

Please tell me why, using today’s actuarial tables, social security is close to $250 trillion in debt.

Please explain why you would trust the government to run your healthcare when they have significant incentive to withhold the best care available so as to avoid paying, both, your expensive healthcare procedures and their social security debt to you.

After their hamina hamina hamina moment I dismiss them.  If only those who supported these programs were made to pay for them, and no one else was required to, there’d be a whole lot less spending and a lot fewer failed programs. 

Thirty-five years ago Ronald Reagan noted:

“No government ever voluntarily reduces itself in size. Government programs, once launched, never disappear. Actually, a government bureau is the nearest thing to eternal life we’ll ever see on this earth!”

Because of liberals Reagan’s declaration is still true.

Their constant insistence on “doing something” without regard of the cost to others, the economic or social consequences to their countrymen, and historical evidence suggesting “something” has almost always been a mistake, has every one of America’s income tax payers in debt for almost $3,000,000 and living in a country a majority feel they no longer recognize or feel comfortable in.   

Liberals are no longer an annoyance.  They are a threat to our republic.  They are as much the enemy as the unknown Middle Easterners they are inviting into our neighborhoods.