ELDER PATRIOT – Paul Ryan is about to become a lot richer thanks to his sellout of the American people yesterday.  Why else would he agree to sellout the American people in much the same way black Africans sold their fellow tribesmen into slavery?  It’s always about the money.

Ryan isn’t content with the $223,500 he’s paid as Speaker of the House.  In his mind, the job pays so little that he demanded weekends off and no late nights, either.  Maybe he forgot to add in the perks that come with the job like not paying for the meals he enjoys in Washington’s swankiest restaurants – no reservations required!

Ryan is so disinterested in doing the work necessary to be an effective Speaker that he took the entire White House request, gutted every Republican amendment to it (because doing the peoples’ work is too time-consuming) and offered the complete two thousand and nine pages with two days for consideration by House members.  Working 24 hours each day members would’ve had to read 42 pages each hour over those two days in order to read the full bill.  As usual the fix was in and no one read it.  Instead they relied on party leadership to tell them the work of a few members of leadership and all of the lobbyists on K Street was exactly what their constituents need.

It is of little interest to Ryan that when the wages of all Americans are added together and then averaged they earn $25.25 on average.  That means the average American would have to work 87 hours of overtime each week at time-and-a-half on top of their usual 40 hour week for all 52 weeks in order to earn what he does just from the Speakership.

Ryan’s net worth, which approaches 100 times the average for a man his age, is something he believes is his birthright and he will do whatever it takes to protect his interests including putting them ahead of yours.

It’s worth noting that the seven weeks of your pay that Ryan spent yesterday only served to make you less safe by earmarking significant sums of it to resettle virtually unlimited numbers of military-age immigrant Muslims as well as opening the complete menu of federal entitlements to them.  This includes continuing to fund the collection of meta-data on you to make sure you have no plans to harass these poor immigrant souls.

Having spent time with Paul Ryan I held little hope for his Speakership.  In less than a month on the job he has surpassed my worst fears.  Of course none of this was possible without the help of one hundred and fifty scumbag Republicans who voted as Ryan instructed them to.  Their names follow:


This is not the complete list of Republican House members who must be challenged in next year’s primary process, just those who were deemed safe enough in their home districts to be asked to join in stabbing the American people in the back.  Other House members like Leonard Lance of the Seventh Congressional District in NJ who is facing a stiff challenge from conservative businessman David Larsen were granted permission by Ryan to vote against the bill in an attempt to diminish the importance of the challengers’ superior conservative credentials. 

People of Lance’s district should expect a barrage of emails and glossy campaign mailers (at taxpayers expense of course) to herald this vote as proof of his conservative bona fides.  Much the same way that Mitch McConnell convinced the voters in the Republican Senatorial primary in Kentucky to support him instead of a true conservative challenger.  Congressmen and Senators who refuse to publicly denounce this omnibus bill or to have never taken a stand against raising the debt limit reveal much more about themselves than this single, highly publicized vote does.

It’s time to gut the Republican Party to its core.  It has become a repository for despots.  The fact that they elected Paul Ryan to be their leader tells you all you need to know about him…and, them.