BREAKING: PAULA JONES Just Dropped a NUKE On The CLINTONS… Things Are About to Get DIRTY …

VIA| The Clintons have to worried about Paula Jones after she attended a Donald Trump rally.  She’s got some serious ammunition against Bill Clinton’s philandering and alleged sexual harassment of women as she is one of Bill’s 19 accusers. The thoughts of her having a direct line to Trump must keep the Clintons up at night.

Paula Jones is upping her game agains the Clintons. In an interview with Breitbart, she said that Hillary wouldn’t be electable if they knew how Hillary enables her husband’s treatment of women by attempting to silence them.

“She stood by her husband and allowed him to harass women, abuse women, and she allowed to happen. In fact, she would go out and discredit these women, including me.

What about us women that her husband has abused in some way or another?

She cares nothing about women at all. If she did care about women, she would care about conservative women and she would care about liberal women. The only women she cares about are women who fulfill her agenda…”

If Hillary was really pro-women, would she refer to women who suffered at the hands and other parts of her husband as “bimbos?” Degrading women isn’t something that most people view as being in the best interest of women. But, we are talking about the Clintons who believe that women are just meant to use for the political and personal gain. Common decency and common sense don’t apply.

Paula Jones has a lot to say about Bill’s actions towards women and Hillary’s treatment of those women after Bill is finished. I think we can expect more of this during the campaign season.

What do you suspect Paula will say about Bill next?