ROMNEY WORDSWORTH – Welcome to the New Year of 2016, and with it new terrors, new tyrannies, and new threats to your liberties.  In about one week’s time, Barack Hussein Obama is going to launch an avalanche of Executive Orders for the purpose of eviscerating the 2nd Amendment.  The week between Christmas and New Year’s often provides me with a valuable period of down time to cogitate, to ruminate, and to reflect upon life, the universe, and everything, to paraphrase Douglas Adams.

One of the wine fueled epiphanies that I had on vacation was the realization that there is an even more sinister component to Obama’s executive order gun bans:  Turning gun owners into felons who will then be denied the right to vote.

How would this be accomplished?  I believe the trial balloons have already gone up in New York and Connecticut.  You will recall that these two states enacted registration laws for semi-automatic weapons, laws that have largely been not complied with by gun owners in those states.  This was initially viewed as a serious defeat for the gun controllers, but I believe the George Soros funded think tanks have analyzed these results and figured out how to turn it to their advantage:  Pass laws with the expectation that few will comply with them!  Why?  Create “status crimes” that will ensnare gun owners, who are most likely to be conservative voters.  This creates the opportunity for a giant drag net to administratively convict gun owners as felons, who can then be denied the vote.


Now, you may be asking yourself:  “How will the government know who to charge?”  Easy!  The Federal government requires firearm dealers to perform criminal background checks when people buy firearms.  These are not supposed to be records that are retained for other purposes by the FBI, but if Edward Snowden has taught us anything, it is that the government never throws away its records, and breaks the law daily to compile dossiers on every single one of us.

It wouldn’t be a perfect system, because sometimes buyers decide not to go through with the purchase after the background check has been performed, but that is a small number.  I also suspect the gun grabbers would lose little sleep over charging some individuals who never bought guns.  Guilty until proven innocent, right?


It wouldn’t catch those who only buy guns from private sales.  Say, this puts the Regime’s obsession with closing the “gun show loophole” into a whole new light, doesn’t it?  But by and large, using criminal background check data to charge gun owners for failure to register would ensnare tens of millions of gun owners, even those who bought their guns long ago, because we have to assume that the FBI has been illegally holding on to these records for quite some time, and that Obama’s executive orders will be applied retroactively.  Because that’s just the way he rolls.

How could the Federal government charge and convict tens of millions of gun owners inside of a year?  That’s easy too!  Just treat it like a civil asset forfeiture case.  Give notification by email.  Most people would not show up in court.  Make examples of those who do by throwing them in jail without bail.  The convictions could be recorded as fast as the handpicked Federal Judge could use a rubber stamp.  I’m sure they would be willing to spend the money to automate the system.

There are those of you reading this who are shaking their heads, saying:  “What about 4th Amendment Due Process protections?”  Yeah, what about them?  I think the War on Drugs has shown us that when the government wants to ignore the 4th Amendment, it does as it pleases without hesitation.  Do you honestly think the Paul Ryan led Establishment faction would do anything to protect your rights?  This operation would disenfranchise most of Donald Trump’s voter base. 


The Republicrats will love that!  They could throw the nomination to Jeb Bush, the Establishment standard bearer who, you will recall, wanted to win the nomination without conservative support.

The final move would be to strike all the newly minted gun owner “felons” from the voter rolls.  Expect the Regime to move Hell and Earth to make that happen.  When it really matters to them, the Feds can move lightning fast.  Not when constructing a website controlling your access to healthcare, of course, but definitely when they can disenfranchise gun owners.

So, that’s what the coming string of executive orders on guns is really all about.  A giant set up of gun owners to charge them with newly minted, retroactive status crimes, then rush through convictions before the election.  They won’t even care about sending anybody to jail (there isn’t enough jail space anyway); it’s enough that they will permanently change the voting demographics of the country so that the Washington Elites always win.  The effect will be the open and notorious theft of the election process.  It is at this point that a shooting Civil War might break out.  At that point I’m sure the mask will fall even further off of the Leftist Totalitarians.  There will be a declaration of Martial Law.  There’s millions of “criminals” at large that are armed and dangerous, after all!  Construction of FEMA run concentration camps to hold all those millions to be taken prisoner.  Lucky how DHS will have a billion hollow point rounds on hand for the occasion, eh?  Yes, it will be the ultimate Leftist wet dream—the complete and total criminalization of their political enemies. 


After the country is in flames, there’s always the seizing of the retirement accounts of Americans to be done.  For the Greater Good, of course.  I don’t think they’ll get away with it, however.  I think America will rise up and fight back, God Willing.