Playing Fast and Loose With Our Troops Safety For Political Reasons

ELDER PATRIOT – A missing Hellfire missile has been found…in the hands of the Cuban government.

The Obama administration used their official government propaganda arm aka the mainstream media to tell people they’re “confounded” by how this could happen.  They really think Americas are dumb enough to buy that.

The loss ranks among the most egregious handling of sensitive military technology in our nation’s history.  The regulatory system governing the shipment and handling of these missiles was designed to prevent this from occurring making it virtually impossible for this to have happened unless it was ordered to.


Under a much-publicized treaty with Iran, the Obama administration and lapdog Congressional Republicans cleared a path to nuclearizing Iran’s weapons capabilities.  Given this administration’s penchant for arming our enemies the same motives are likely behind the mishandling in this case. 

It’s defies credulity that this was an accident because of the large number of people who handled it and ignored the labeling on it’s journey, something that is the part of the protocol for the shipment of all packages.  At least four teams of shipping clerks from Rota, Spain to Madrid, Spain to Frankfurt, Germany to Paris, France had to all misread or deliberately ignore the labeling, or, the labeling was deliberately altered on four separate occasions.  In any of these events a “handler” or “handlers” needed to be present to direct the operation.

That this technology found its way to Cuba, a country that was still sanctioned at the time, when added to the deliberate mishandling of our drone technology in Iran, raises serious questions about both the competency and allegiances of the president and of this congress. 

Once these technologies are in the possession of foreign governments they are reverse-engineered allowing our enemies to develop countermeasures that put our troops in greater danger, and that technology is used to enhance the capabilities of their own missile systems. 


“Now it’s a proliferation concern—someone else now understands how it works and what may have been cutting edge for us is deconstructed and packaged into what other players sell on the open market—and possibly provided to countries that we wouldn’t sell to.” – Peter Singer, senior fellow at the New America Foundation,

This has been the case with Iran where they have used a drone we left behind to develop suicide drones that are capable of threatening both Israel and our Navy and that they have provided to their proxies, Hamas and Hezbollah with which to attack Israel.

This technology puts Iran one giant step closer to making good on their threat to close the Gulf of Hormuz through which 20% of the world’s oil travels.

All that’s left in instances like this is for the Defense Intelligence Agency is to develop a security impact assessment so that the Defense Department can know just how badly compromised our troops will be on future missions.

Openly transferring military technology and top secret information is treasonous.  For some reason hiding behind an excuse of malfeasance, as in these cases and in the case of Hillary Clinton’s use of a personal email server to transfer top-secret information, somehow makes it excusable.  Those who stand idly by and choose to do nothing, like this Republican congress, must also be held to account.