VIA| Following Beyonce’s controversial anti-law enforcement Super Bowl 50 performance, we’ve seen an escalation of violence against police officers in this country like never before.

Now, one sheriff has taken to Facebook to express his outrage about President Obama’s failure to recognize that killing of eight officers within an eight-day span.

“I understand that you are a busy man and being pulled in multiple directions every day of the week,” DeWees wrote. “But when my president doesn’t take the time to openly recognize the sacrifices that brave men & women of law enforcement make each day to keep domestic peace, I’m disappointed!”

“For me, Mr. President, it has nothing to do with Republican or Democrat, black or white, male or female, but, it has everything to do with leading or following,” he continued. “I’m not shocked that you haven’t openly reached out or acknowledged publically the recent rash of deaths in law enforcement, but I’m tremendously disappointed!”

DeWees then went on to invite Obama to right his wrong, but attending the funeral of the deputies who have been slain.

“PS: I’ll be standing outside in the cold next week with my deputies for the funerals of the Harford Co. deputies,” he concluded. “I’ll save you a spot next to me!”

Not surprisingly, his post has gone viral. Read the entire statement below and tell us what you think.

A Letter from me to our president: Dear President Obama: In case you haven’t heard, eight American police officers…

Posted by Sheriff Jim DeWees on Saturday, February 13, 2016