ROMNEY WORDSWORTH – It was recently reported that the Obama InJustice Department has hired an additional 200 or so attorneys for the express purpose of preparing pardons for Obama’s last year in office.  Apparently, Obama is preparing an extraordinary number of pardons, likely to equal or exceed all of the pardons issued by all prior Presidents combined.

Maybe Obama is planning one last dramatic act of racial division, by pardoning every black person in the United States prison system, and with it, adding many more democrat voters to the election rolls.  But it is shaping up as even more likely that Obama will have to issue a Blanket Pardon to Hillary Clinton over Email-Gate.

The count of Hillary emails containing classified information is now up past 1300 separate emails.  Each and every one of them is a Federal Felony, because it is illegal to put classified government information on a private email server.  In the latest email dump from the State Department, it has now been revealed that Hillary Clinton herself, IN WRITING, ordered a State Department employee to remove the classification headers from documents marked “secret” so that they could be transmitted on a non-government fax machine.  This is a criminal act easily comprehended by even the most fact-proof democrat voter drone.

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It has also come to light that Hillary’s unofficial right hand advisor, Sidney Blumenthal, who hasn’t been employed by the Federal government since Bill Clinton was president, was sending the contents of highly classified NSA signal intelligence reports in real time regarding Syria.  Blumenthal, of course, isn’t supposed to have such access, so the question arises of who did, had the access to be able to do so, and would have a reason to feed it to him.  This is a very short list with only a few names on it and the name of Hillary Clinton tops the list.  If I were Sidney Blumenthal, I’d be taking out a very big life insurance policy on myself, before he gets “Vince Fostered”.

The evidence that Hillary Clinton committed numerous felonies with respect to Email-Gate is now so overwhelming, it appears that a Presidential Pardon is the only thing that can keep her candidacy alive.  It has been reported that the FBI is prepared to go into “open revolt” against the administration if the Justice Department does not bring an indictment against Clinton.  I’m not sure what “open revolt” means, but presumably the FBI knows a great number of secrets that could make the last year of Obama’s term very difficult indeed.  Enough that Obama may have to look into the novel idea of trying to pardon himself.

A pardon to Hillary Clinton would be tantamount to admitting that she is a criminal.  While it would leave her technically eligible to continue running for the Presidency, she would be fatally damaged by it.  She would be a pariah very similar to how the country looked upon O.J. Simpson when he got a highly questionable acquittal on murder charges from a racially motivated jury.  Hillary would become Richard Nixon in a pantsuit.

This might be just fine with Obama, who reportedly hates the Clintons.  He could say he went out on a limb to protect her, while the end result would be to finish the Clintons as a political force, for once and for all.  This would leave Obama as the de facto leader of the democrat party even after he leaves office, as there is no one else to fill the vacuum.

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The Clinton Machine is already hemorrhaging support.  A new poll finds that 20% of democrat likely voters are “100% sure” they are going to vote for Donald Trump in November.  It doesn’t help that all the democrat candidates kowtowed to the Black Lives Matter mob, refusing to say that “all lives matter”.  So, the message to white voters from the democrat party is clear:  YOU don’t matter to us, the democrat party is a minority coalition party.  Indeed, everything that comes out from the democrat party and their media allies says that white men are not welcome.  As far back as the 2012 election, an internal democrat strategy memo acknowledged that the party has “written off” white working class voters.

Polls are also now showing that Bernie Sanders may well win the first two states of Iowa and New Hampshire in the democrat primary.  This no doubt is due in part to the fact that Bernie Sanders is actually campaigning, doing many rallies out in the field.  Hillary Clinton, meanwhile, stays inside of a security bubble, with faux events filled with hand picked, vetted supporters, in small venues.  She has never drawn a large crowd, never filled a stadium as Trump and Sanders has done, and has never had to deal with a heckler.  Her Secret Service detail even keeps press reporters from asking her unwanted questions.

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The idea that Hillary Clinton is “inevitable” or that she would crush any Republican in a general election is a tissue of lies created by the Palace Guard media.  It will be blown away by a strong gust of reality when the voters go to the polls.