Predictions: What to Expect in 2016

ELDER PATRIOT – It would be understandable if you’re happy that 2015 has finally come to an end.  The assault on our sovereignty, our prosperity, the safety of our neighborhoods, and our individual (once considered inalienable?) rights has been difficult to watch.  Unfortunately, 2016 promises to be a lot worse.

Here are my predictions for 2016:

The First Amendment

The encroachment on The First Amendment will continue as Google forges ahead on its efforts to control what information Americans see.  As Google CEO Eric Schmidt made clear he can control what news Americans view simply by how he prioritizes its placement on his search engine.  Ninety-four percent of Google users restrict themselves to the webpages appearing on the first page of search results.  Schmidt is an Obama acolyte having run Obama’s Internet operation during his election campaign.

Facebook, in a similar fashion, will intensify its efforts to make certain that their social media platform carries only apolitical messaging.  Because of Facebook’s incredible reach (156.6 million users in the United States) and the lack of a competitive alternative this form of censorship will have a chilling impact on the political opposition in this country who have used the platform to raise awareness of government overreach.

The Federal Communications Commission will begin regulating discourse on the Internet under the pretext that “disinformation” and “misinformation” must be controlled.  Ostensibly to balance the political debate it will give the FCC the power to decide just which news is real, accurate and important.

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie.” – Joseph Goebbels, Master Propagandist of the Nazi Regime

The rise of the Internet coupled with the freedom of discourse we have enjoyed in exchanging ideas over it has led to a growing distrust and diminished importance of the Mainstream Media, aka the “Rockefeller Mediacracy.”  Too much has been invested by the Globalists in these media outlets in an effort to control what you think and how you react, and they are too close to achieving their goals, to abandon this model now.  Brace yourselves for wide-ranging curtailments on free speech in 2016 under the pretense of protecting the people from themselves.


The Second Amendment

The entire “Democratic” Party has made gutting the Second Amendment their top priority for 2016.  It’s become obvious that moderate and left-leaning Republicans will do the bidding of the Democrats when required to advance the leftist agenda.

Because the re-election of Republicans is always tied to their protection of gun rights they will stand by while Obama signs one executive order after another limiting and then confiscating our weapons.  The Republicans will have “show” votes and be granted time by the mainstream media to voice their mock indignation denouncing the president but, as we’ve witnessed too many times in the past, they will refuse to cut off funding to stop the president from advancing control over the American people.

It will fall on the gun owners of America to stand in defense of their Second Amendment protections.  Whether they are prepared to stare down the government, as some brave militia members did successfully at the Bundy Ranch, to protect their rights remains to be seen.


The Economy

Those inside the D.C. Beltway will continue the dismantling of the U.S. economy unabated in favor of the desires of international bankers and corporations.  As TTP and TPP join NAFTA in exporting jobs held by American workers, the Obamacare mandate continues to displace full-time workers with part-time workers, corporations continue abusing the B-1 Visa program by importing STEM workers unnecessarily, the EPA begins enforcing the Global Climate Accord that will necessarily increase the costs of production, the costs associated with protecting us against increased risks of terrorism, and the weight of servicing our country’s debt, Americans’ buying power will be greatly diminished this year.


Civil Unrest

The riots in Ferguson and Baltimore will be repeated elsewhere with greater frequency and intensity as President Obama continues funding the groups that foments unrest among ignorant minorities.

The president’s executive orders to import hundreds of thousands of Muslim immigrants will increase the occurrence of terrorist acts and rape in the United States.  To deny this will be the result of such policies means discounting what we are witnessing in Europe as well as denying the laws of statistics where the number of random occurrences increases proportionate to the total number of occurrences.

Likewise, the president’s executive orders releasing violent criminals from prison can only be meant to drain the limited resources of law enforcement by increasing the incidence of crime.


As President Obama continues granting work Visas to growing numbers of illegal aliens at the same time that record numbers of Americans cannot find work look for a return to the kind of violent reactions that union workers were known for when “scabs” crossed their picket lines in the past.

Civil unrest is the primary tool used by community organizers to effect change because the isolation felt by the targeted parties inhibits them from objecting.

Acknowledgement of One Party Government

If there’s one thing that the reaction of Establishment Republicans and their donor class to Donald Trump’s ascendancy has made clear is that it’s not your party any longer.  Whether it is their publicly announced plan to deny Trump the nomination by any procedural means possible, the declaration by their donors that they’ll support Hillary Clinton if Trump is the party’s nominee, their unwillingness to attack Hillary Clinton where she’s most vulnerable, or the lock-step funding of every Democrat initiative since Obama’s rise to power, the Republican party can no longer deny that the majority of their delegation are no different from Democrats.



The polarization of America will become worse than ever.  As it becomes increasingly evident to those holding the seats of power in Washington that the majority of the electorate will be making changes to their job status in November there is likely to be a full-out move towards establishing the Globalist’s plan before being removed from office.  Lame-duck leadership frequently behaves in this manner shoving through legislation and executive orders that would be considered politically unviable.

The majority of Americans are awakening to the fact that their country is likely to be unrecognizable in the next decade as the results of these policies take root.  How ugly it gets as the people seek to reassert the control over their government that our Framers sacrificed so greatly to bequeath to us will be determined by the resistance of the people themselves.  The Obama administration’s blatant militarization of local police agencies leaves little doubt as to how the government will react.