President Obama Channeling Hitler In Final Days

ELDER PATRIOT – The White House went on the offensive today against the their greatest enemy.  If you were hoping that might be radical Islam then I sorry to say you’ll be disappointed. Instead Der Leader ordered his spokesman to attack Donald Trump.

In the most crass manner imaginable President Obama unleashed attack dog Josh Earnest to criticize everything about Trump…including his hair.  Imagine that, we have a president who looks like his ears were transplanted from a chimpanzee and he sends a minion to criticize a political opponent’s hair?

The president’s personal mouthpiece alternately denied the historical truth about how FDR managed WW II, mocked Trump as un-presidential because he had “fake” hair, and denounced the Republican Party as racist.  He stopped short of saying anything of value.  Reporters leaving the “briefing” were left complaining that was an hour of their lives that they’d never get back.

Now that Sunday’s prime-time speech failed to stop the striking erosion of Barack Obama’s support the president has become deranged striking out against everyone and everything he see’s as a threat to him and his plan for an American Caliphate, much like Adolph Hitler did when it started becoming obvious the war was lost and his plan for world domination ended.

President Obama threatens to be a very dangerous man over the next 13+ months.  Without Trump pushing the Republican Party towards even a modicum of security sanity who would speak for us?