Senate Minority Leader Sen. Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., center, speaks to the media on Capitol Hill in Washington Tuesday, June 19, 2012. Others are Sens. John Cornyn, R-Texas, right, and John Barrasso, R-Wyo. (AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta)

ROMNEY WORDWORTH –  As the dust settles on Super Tuesday, the Republican Establishment Oligarchs continue to disregard the votes of the people, and double down on their vow to deny Donald Trump the GOP nomination.  There is now widespread evidence of voting machine tampering in several Super Tuesday states, such as Texas and Virginia.  While not perhaps changing the ultimate outcome, what the party establishment is doing is similar to Point Shaving in the world of sports.  By reducing Trump’s margins of victory, the party hopes to deny him getting 1237 delegates going into the Cleveland Convention.  After the first round of voting, delegates would no longer be bound to vote for a certain candidate, and the nomination could be thrown to anyone, even someone not currently in the primary race, like Mitt Romney.  The nomination would cease to be an expression of the will of the voters, and instead become an auction to the highest bidder, whether those bids come in the form of money, jobs, contracts, or other political favors.

The other tack that the Oligarchs may take is to pressure Trump into taking a Vice President of the Establishment’s choosing.  This was what they did to Ronald Reagan.  Reagan was told at his nominating convention that he would be blocked if he didn’t take George H.W. Bush as his vice-president.  When J.F.K. said he wanted to audit the Fed, like Trump has, he wound up dead a week later.  Down in Texas, the LBJ clan brag about having been in on the assassination.  Ronald Reagan also narrowly avoided assassination.  If Trump agrees to such a shot gun wedding, he might only be putting a target on his back.


The Oligarchs have their backs up against a wall.  They are panicked and they are actually seriously considering Scorched Earth Tactics.  What does this mean?  Simply this:  If Donald Trump goes to the convention with a majority of delegates, but shy of the magic rule number, denying him the nomination would create a schism in the Republican Party that will burn it to the ground.  Trump may not ultimately control party delegates, but he does control the hearts and minds of his supporters, and could organize a mass exodus from the Republican party to go form his own.  Given the fact that 70% of Republicans are opposed to voting for an Establishment candidate, this would turn a potential rump Republican Party into a Third Party, not viable to win national and even most state elections.  They would instead go the way of the Federalist Party, and take the trillion dollars of party infrastructure with them to the ash heap of history.  Scorched Earth.


Scorched Earth is exactly what the Oligarchy and the Beltway pundits are talking about today.  Like Bill Kristol, who went on national TV to say that the GOP should block Trump by any means, even if it means handing the presidency to Hillary Clinton.  Representative Steve King, an Iowa Republican, has acknowledged the same thing to Brietbart News.  According to King, the Republican Establishment, and their donor class, will give tacit support to Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump.  This may take the form of financial donations, attacks on Trump by Republican office holders in the media, and “standing down” local party infrastructure instead of making it available to Trump during the General Election. 


Well, so much for the cause of conservatism and small government.  The veil has now dropped away, and we see plainly that the Washington RINOs never cared for or believed in these ideas.  What they care about is maintaining the status quo, business as usual, and all the corruption that the current system entails.

Six out of ten Super Tuesday Republican Primary voters support Donald Trump’s proposal for a temporary ban on Muslim immigration until proper vetting can be put into place.  Given the rape epidemic that Europe is experiencing as a result of its wholesale immigration policies towards Muslims, this seems only prudent to do so.  Forty percent of Republican primary voters want illegals in this country deported.  This is a rather low number, since it is only a restatement of our existing laws!

trump tweet

But there is some hope that this plan will fail.  Because as the Democrat Party does the same dirty tricks to Bernie Sanders to prop up the Poster Girl for the Oligarchy, Hillary Clinton, surveys are revealing a startling fact:  The second choice of Bernie Sanders supporters is NOT Hillary Clinton.  And it isn’t Marco Rubio or John Kasich either.  It’s…Donald Trump!  Why?  Because on both sides of the political spectrum, in both parties, there is a widespread voter revolt against the system, and against the Oligarchy ruling from the Imperial Capital of Washington, D.C.  Across the political spectrum there is a rebellion against the elites that have been looting the wealth of America, and shipping our jobs overseas, and de-industrializing our country, and selling out our sovereignty to so-called trade deals like the Trans Pacific Partnership which are in fact treaties to submerge America and other countries to regional super entities that will take us one step away from One World Government.  In other words, the New World Order. 

If the Oligarchs succeed in taking away the ballot box from the People, the only thing the People will have left is the cartridge box.  To paraphrase J.F.K., if you block all avenues of peaceful reform, you guarantee violent revolution.