VIA| Unlike President Barack Obama, Prince Harry served in his country’s army. The Royal family member joined the British Army as an Officer, and served bravely along with American troops in Afghanistan in the ongoing war against Islamic terrorism. He earned his pilot wings by flying an Apache helicopter in the front lines of Aghanistan, which makes him the first Royal to serve in a war zone since the Falklands War.

Now retired from military service, he has made a bold announcement: He will dedicate the rest of his life to serving injured veterans in England and America!

Prince Harry says he wants to dedicate the rest of his life to working with ex-servicemen fighting mental health problems, as he reveals he feels lucky to have escaped Afghanistan alive.

As he prepared to join injured veterans on part of their 1,000 mile walk across Britain, the Prince said more needs to be done to help personnel with “hidden” injuries.

The 31-year-old is patron of the Walking With The Wounded Walk of Britain and today said as country “we need to do more” to get rid of the stigma surrounding mental health issues.[…]

“Whether it’s in this country, or the USA, they are the best people on this planet to bring people together, to improve communities. I think it’s something people need to take notice of.”[…]

The prince lent his support to the six-strong team who have taken on the 1,000 mile walk across the country.

The five men and a woman, including two ex-US Marines, are all battling with different injuries, both physical and mental.

Among them are three victims of IED blasts in Afghanistan, amputees and two who suffered traumatic brain injuries. Another lost an eye.


Prince Harry is not new to helping wounded warriors in America and England. He has made multiple visits to Water Reed Army Medical Center. And he once was involved in an expedition to the SOuth Pole as a member of Walking With the Wounded, which consisted of teams from New Zealand, the UK, and the United States.

This 1,000 walk will take 72 days, and will start on November 1. Thank you Prince Harry for showing us what a REAL leader looks like!