VIA| This past weekend, 2016 GOP presidential candidate Ben Carson told “Meet The Press” moderator Chuck Todd that it would not be appropriate to “put a Muslim in the charge of this nation” because Islamic values and law do not coincide with those of the United States.

According to Breitbart contributor Awr Hawkins, Founding Father Samuel Adams would have likely agreed with Carson.

Hawkins noted that in “The Rights of the Colonists,” which Adams published in 1772, he opined that tolerance for religion should only be extended to those religions that are not “subversive of society”:

Adams sets forth a test for ascertaining which religions should be tolerated and that test is whether the “doctrines”–or teachings–of a given religion are “subversive of society.” Adams contended that religions “are excluded from… toleration” when they “teach doctrines subversive of the civil government.”

Given “the Muslim tendency to seek sharia law and sharia-compliant courts instead of laws and courts affiliated with constitutionally recognized jurisprudence,” Hawkins continued, it seems like Islam and its legal offshoot, Sharia law, would therefore not be compatible with U.S. government and society.

Furthermore, Adams’ reportedly called out the Roman Catholic religion for the way in which it dealt with so-called “heretics” — a way that seems eerily familiar to the way the Islamic religion handles so-called “infidels”:

We do not see the Roman Catholic church destroying those “they call heretics… without mercy” in our day. But it is common to find examples of Muslims demanding that infidels convert to Islam or face death. And they do so with an allegiance to Muhammad that both supersedes and defines their allegiance to civil government.

Exactly. Muslims place their religion over their nationality, which is why in the eyes of Ben Carson and likely Samuel Adams as well, a Muslim should never be president of the United States.