ROMNEY WORDSWORTH – Wednesday is Trump Day over here at Planet Wordsworth, the day I discuss the ongoing Republican Primary, and the guy who is in the center of the limelight.

But first, a brief tooting of my own horn.  My recent review of the 2nd GOP Debate at the Reagan Library labelled Scott Walker as the Biggest Loser of the debate.  Sure enough, this week Walker walked out of the race, citing lack of funding.  I also named Carly Fiorina as having Gained the Most from the Debate, and sure enough, this week she has pole vaulted over Ben Carson in the polls to 2nd Place.  Not bad for a candidate who began the first debate at the kiddie table.

Now back to The Donald.  Recently while at a campaign rally (a very large rally, by the way) a member of the crowd asked a question, the gist of which was:  “We have a problem called Muslims.  Obama is one, and he isn’t even really a citizen.  There are Muslim terrorist training camps inside the country.  What are we going to do about it?”

Rather than investigate the important question (ARE there terrorist training camps in America?) the Lame Stream Press instead pounced on Trump for not correcting the questioner on Media Orthodoxy, to wit, that Obama is a Christian, not a Muslim.  Trump has fired back stating that it isn’t his job to defend Obama on the subject of religion.  That’s all well and good, as far as it goes, but in my opinion it didn’t go far enough.

Obama IS a Muslim.  Surprised?  Well consider this:  Obama was bundled off by his Marxist Revolutionary mother to Indonesia, where young Lord Barry spent his early youth and adolescence.  He went to Muslim religious schools called Madrassas.  He studied the Koran, and learned and recited Muslim prayers.  He has specifically recited the Shahadah, which is the Profession of Muslim Faith.  Obama has even recited the beginning of the Shahadah on national TV, with a perfect Arabic accent.

In the Muslim World, if you say the Shahadah and mean it, you ARE a Muslim.  Since Obama has never said he didn’t mean all those Muslim prayers he said for all those years, in the eyes of the Muslim World, Barack Hussein Obama is claimed as one of their own, a Muslim.

How many Christians do you know who can, and do, say the Shahadah?

Then there is the matter of the ring that Obama wears on his hand.  It is his wedding ring, and on the inside of it the ring is inscribed with:  “There is no god except Allah”.  This is the first line of the Shahadah.  How many Christians do you know who wear a ring with the words:  “There is no god except Allah”?  How many Christians do you know who would wear such a ring even if it were given to them?

Lastly, there is Obama’s so-called Christianity, in the form of the theology espoused by the not-so-Reverend Wright.  Wright’s version of Christianity teaches that Christ was  sent by God to save the oppressed brown peoples of the Earth, who have suffered under the evil European White man (in Christ’s time, represented by the Roman Empire).  Under this theology, God will destroy the White Race and deliver all the peoples of color from oppression.  For Black Racialists like Wright, and Obama, it is a perfect theology that marries their agenda of racial discord with a narcissistic worship of one’s self.  Unfortunately, most Christians would not recognize this as Christianity at all.

But actions speak louder than words, right?  Well, let’s look at Obama’s actions:

1) Destabilized Libya and overthrew Muammar Gaddafi.  Libya now belongs to Al Qaeda.

2) Forced out Hosni Mubarack of Egypt and installed the Muslim Brotherhood.  The Muslim Brotherhood was so hated by the Egyptians that the Egyptian Army took over Egypt in a coup.

3) Pulled out of Iraq before a secular government had time to consolidate power.  Iraq is now shattered and half of it is under the control of ISIS.

4) Just worked out a deal to give Iran nuclear weapons, and unlock $250 billion in Iranian assets.  Got nothing in return.

5) Closely advised on the Middle East by CAIR and Iranian born Valerie Jarrett.

6) Instituted Rules of Engagement on our military in Afghanistan so restrictive, our troops are being court martialed for killing the Taliban.  U.S. troops have also been ordered to ignore Afghan Muslims who sexually abuse young boys—on American Bases!

7) Refused to call serial killer Major Nidal Hassan of terrorism after shooting up Fort Hood and yelling Allahu Ackbar.

8) Has used the CIA to fund and arm ISIS.

9) Wants to take in 200,000 Muslim Syrian “refugees”, but refuses to take in any Christian refugees from ISIS atrocities.

10) Has mandated under Obamacare that Christians be forced to buy insurance for abortions.

I could go on, but you get the point.

So if Barack Obama has a problem of being perceived as a Muslim, it is entirely a problem of his own making.  And yes, it does matter, as the list above shows.  Don’t blame Donald Trump for it.