ELDER PATRIOT|  The New York Times goes by the motto “All the News That’s Fit to Print.”  Their motto would be more accurate if they added two words so that it read, “All the News We See Fit to Print.”  If a story doesn’t fit the Progressive narrative that their corporate puppet masters want advanced, it is either whitewashed or ignored altogether.  Sadly, the rest of the mainstream media follows the Times’ lead in near unanimous lockstep.

That is the reason the story of Anthony Hervey’s death is being ignored by the mainstream media.

Hervey was black and he had written a book on racism.  He was killed when the truck he was driving was forced off the road by a car with 5 youths shouting epithets at him and his passenger.  Sounds like a story the mainstream media would be all over except for two factors.  The subject matter of his book and the occupants of the offending car didn’t fit their agenda.

Hervey’s book entitled, “Why I Wave The Confederate Flag,” is best described by its sub-title:  “The End of Niggersim and The Welfare State.”  The blurb gives a further description:

This book is about truth and passion.

What makes this book dangerous is its raw honesty. Mr. Hervey lifts the veil of Black decadence at the same time he exposes the lies and political correctness of modern day America. Mr. Hervey said ‘I show that the Civil War was not fought over slavery and that the demise of my race in America is not of the White man, but rather of our own making. In this book I show how Blacks in America ran away from physical bondage to one far worse– mental bondage.’

Mr. Hervey was donating a percentage of the book’s proceeds towards the preservation of Southern Heritage in the hopes of keeping the truth alive.

The second factor that made this story unpalatable to the mainstream media is the race of the occupants of the car that forced Hervey off the road killing him and injuring his passenger.  They were black.

By ignoring this story the media is providing President Obama with a pass on having to explain this tragedy, and to put it in its proper perspective.  This explains why Obama’s Department of Justice has avoided all investigations of black-on-white and black-on-black crimes and has over-zealously involved itself in virtually every white-on-black incident, criminal or not.

Why?  Obama and his Democrat co-conspirators feed off the white supremacist propaganda because it energizes their black constituency and pulls at the heartstrings of their self-doubting white constituents, drawing them back to their liberal feelings.

If you doubt this please explain why such disingenuous race-baiting law-breakers like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson maintain their seat at the Democrat’s table.  Certainly there are respectable black leaders and role models that both parties could elevate to replace those current hucksters.

This story highlights a deeper concern.  The United States stands on a precarious perch because the public debate has been intentionally biased through a media under the control of its corporate ownership.

In 1799, James Madison explained:

“Without tracing farther the evidence on this subject, it would seem scarcely possible to doubt, that no power whatever over the press was supposed to be delegated by the Constitution, as it originally stood; and that the [first] amendment was intended as a positive and absolute reservation of it.”

What happens, though, when the press is free but consolidated under a single-minded ownership so large that it controls the government?