ROMNEY WORDSWORTH – Vladimir Putin, in a mere three days of bombing, has achieved astounding success against ISIS forces in Syria.  ISIS has lost numerous hardened command centers, while over 600 of their fighters have abandoned the battlefield.  Russian analysts are now claiming that ISIS is on the verge of complete collapse.

The question, of course, is why Russia can accomplish on one week of bombing what Obama’s campaign could not achieve in seven months.  The answer could lie in the fact that under Obama, the US air force was dropping a paltry 40-60 bombs a day.  That’s about 3 fighter-bombers making ONE sortie per day.  Also, under Obama, the air force often gave warnings to locals of where the bombs would be dropped, which just ensured that ISIS could move out of the way.

It was a totally anemic, half-hearted, girlyman, sham, phony war against ISIS.  The Iraqis have even alleged that US air forces were dropping crates of supplies to ISIS, not bombs.  Instead of Shock & Awe, Obama gave us Shuck & Jive!  But what else should we expect from a Commander in Chief whose White House is over-run by Muslim Brotherhood advisers via CAIR, or a President who wears a ring bearing the inscription:  Allah is the one true God?

Here comes the Russians, flying 60 sorties per day over 50 targets, dropping over 1500 bombs a day.  No heads up warnings beforehand, either.  This is what a REAL bombing campaign looks like, one that is genuinely trying to kill the enemy.  This is a bare chested, flaring nostrils, and testosterone laden and bulging bicep kind of bombing campaign.  Next, Russian “volunteer” ground troops will put boots on the ground, permanently rolling back the Saudis and Obama’s little illegal proxy army.

Putin, recently feted as Leader of the (somewhat) Free World, has moved into the power vacuum in the Middle East left by Barack Hussein’s “Sharia Compliant” foreign policy.  It exposes Obama for having switched sides in the War on Terror, and having actually PROTECTED ISIS, making war on the Assad Regime in common cause with ISIS.

On Saturday, the US Airforce bombed a hospital, killing 19 innocents, further ceding the moral high ground to Putin.  Meanwhile, our Butt Hurt President and his military generals have asked Russia to stop their highly effective bombing campaign.

Only the Weak ask.  Do not expect an answer, Little Lord Barry.  Vladimir Putin can’t hear you over the sound of his awesomeness, or his exploding ordinance.