Racism Is Alive And Well Among Democrats

ELDER PATRIOT – The mainstream media’s attempt to smear Donald Trump stretches the limits of hypocrisy even for them and clearly highlights who the real race-baiters are.

Everywhere Donald Trump appears he is asked about David Duke’s endorsement of him.  Trump rightly disavowed any association with Duke who was a member of the Ku Klux Klan more than 30 years ago.  And then he disavowed it again.  And, then again.  And, again. 

It was an endorsement by a private citizen that Trump never sought.  What more could he do than disavow everything that Duke and the Klan stands for?  But the mainstream media kept asking because the opportunity to put Trump and the KKK together in a single sentence would tie the two together for low-information voters.  It wasted valuable interview time that Trump otherwise could’ve used to inform voters on his policies.

Contrast this with race-baiters like Hillary Clinton.

Where Trump disavowed even a passing knowledge of David Duke, Hillary Clinton eulogized her former mentor and KKK member Robert Byrd with the kindest words I’ve ever heard her speak, “Today our country has lost a true American original, my friend and mentor Robert C. Byrd,a man of surpassing eloquence and nobility.  From my first day in the Senate, I sought out his guidance, and he was always generous with his time and his wisdom.

Then there’s Clinton’s promotion of BlackLivesMatter a group that advocates the random killing of police.  Hillary Clinton has endorsed BlackLivesMatter and the media exalts her as though any group with a racial axe to grind has equal moral authority.

Then there’s Hillary’s compulsion to make the pilgrimage to Harlem to kiss the…er…eh…ring, of infamous racist Al Sharpton.

Sharpton emerged on the national stage almost a decade after David Duke had left it.  In 1989 Sharpton led racially charged and false accusations of rape against Dutchess County Assistant D.A. Steven Pagones and others.  Tawana Brawley eventually recanted and Pagones won a defamation lawsuit against Sharpton.  He’s still waiting to be paid.

Emboldened by the lack of recrimination from the Brawley incident, Reverend Al organized a mob that confronted a white rape victim outside of a Manhattan courtroom where they serenaded the poor girl with chants of  “whore.”  This must be where Hillary first witnessed the strategy she would later employ against her husband’s accusers.

Sharpton, beginning to believe that he was immune from prosecution for the unrest he caused, stepped up his game by taking his message of racial divisiveness to Crown Heights in Brooklyn where he led three days of rioting against Jews that resulted in the death of at least two people at the hands of Sharpton’s racially motivated riot squad.

But Sharpton’s most egregious act against humanity occurred late in in 1995 when he led an anti-Semitic mob that set fire to Freddy’s Fashion Mart in Harlem.  Labeling the Jewish owner a “white interloper” the fire caused the deaths of seven people.

Every four years the mainstream media seizes on David Duke’s endorsement and some random photo of handshake by a Republican candidate on a receiving line as proof of their racist ties.

At the same time the mainstream media will point to Hillary Clinton’s twenty-five years of bowing to Al Sharpton and of Sharpton’s many visits to the White House while occupied by the Clinton’s as affirmation of her commitment to racial unify. 

The media ignores the fact that if a majority of Americans were on a jury they would find Sharpton guilty of multiple felonies and sentence him to spend the rest of his natural life in prison.