VIA| A 15-year-old boy named Tanner Brownlee lost his father – a sheriff’s deputy – during a shootout in 2010.

Sam Brownlee’s patrol car went up for auction – valued at $12,500 – and was purchased for $60,000 by a Colorado rancher.

The man who bought it, without hesitation, handed the keys straight to Tanner.

You’ll get chills from watching the video.

From The Blaze:


On Wednesday, roughly five years later, Brownlee’s service vehicle, a white 2010 Dodge Charger, was put up for auction.

Hoping to keep the car as a way for him and his younger brother to stay connected with their dad, Tanner went to the auction hoping for a miracle. He knew the odds were slim since he had little money to offer.


“Realizing how much this car meant to him, I understand it now, and I want to keep that and hold onto it,” Tanner said, talking about his father.


Tanner didn’t win the auction. Instead, the car “went to Steve Wells, a wealthy Colorado rancher, who bid $60,000, well over the vehicle’s estimated value of $12,500.”

After winning the auction, Wells got up out of his seat, took the keys to car and looked at Tanner.

“Tanner, here’s your car,” he said, placing the keys in his hands.



Even though Wells overpaid big-time for Brownlee’s former service vehicle, the proceeds will go to a great cause. All the money is set to benefit the Concerns of Police Survivors, or COPS, a group that provides support to the families of slain police officers.

So great to see civilians supporting the police force in a time when it’s not politically correct to do so.

Start at the 5:20 mark…