Random Observations Of A Patriot …

ELDER PATRIOT – Those supporting the Republican establishment are now buying ad content on alternative news websites like the one you are currently reading.  You can tell because next to “25 embarrassing Prom pictures” and “20 epic cheer fails” are pictures of Donald Trump with titles like “Trump’s mouth finally costs him the lead in polls” and “You won’t believe what Donald Trump said about disabled people.”

Republican strategists just don’t get it.  Their playbook is useless here.  We’re on sites like this because we’ve grown tired of the lies and mischaracterizations that are the norm with the mainstream media that their corporate and banking overlords rely on to advance their agenda.  They should be shopping their crap on liberal sites.  Oh wait, they can’t vote in Republican primaries in many states.  I guess they’ll wait until the general election when they’ll be “forced” to throw in with the Democrats to protect the interests of their mutual donor base in an attempt to derail a Trump presidency. 


The reason the Republican Party’s establishment is so scared of Trump is the immeasurable threat his popularity and vision poses to their entire slate of candidates.  Trump’s overwhelming support among the rank and file suggests he may have such long coattails that he could help sweep a large number of constitutional Republican primary challengers into office with him.  Wouldn’t it be great to finally sweep both house of congress clean and say goodbye to their 8% approval ratings?


If Turkey isn’t lying about their shoot down of an off course Russian jet then it was in Turkish airspace for an entire 17 seconds.  If Turkey could respond so quickly to this threat (real or imagined) what happened to our defenses on 9/11 when Flight 11 lifted off from Logan Airport at 7:59 am and crashed into the North Tower a full 47 minutes later?  It was clearly off course and without radio contact for a full 30 minutes.  Even more questionable is how Flight 175 was allowed to hit the South Tower 17 minutes later especially in light of the fact that it’s intended destination was Los Angeles, Flight 11 had already attacked the North Tower, it was seriously off course with no radio contact (like Flight 11,) and the president’s Daily Threat Assessment (DTA) had been warning of airlines being used in terrorist attacks for the previous year.


It appears “safe spaces” on college campuses are only for liberals.  Ohio State law student Madison Gesiotto recently authored an article on “The number one killer of black Americans.” 

It was about abortion and was followed by this Facebook post: “The government cannot take action against you for your offensive and racist article.  But your colleagues can.”

Ms. Gesiotto went to meet with the dean of her law school to discuss the threat and her feelings of uneasiness.  There were three deans there in an obvious attempt to intimidate her.  Instead of conducting an investigation as to the origin of the post and guaranteeing her safety they critiqued her article and made her the villain.

Liberals of both parties hold the cards for another year.  When we regain power we will need leadership as unforgiving of them as they have been of us.  Only two candidates have thus far proven to be willing to do that, Trump and Cruz.