VIA| The Free Thought Project has reported that one of America’s most active superheroes, Benjamin John Francis Fodor, otherwise known as Phoenix Jones, stopped an attempted murder that was taking place on Capitol Hill in Seattle.

Jones, known for confronting alleged lawbreakers while dressed in a superhero costume, was said to have been patrolling the streets near Capitol Hill when he witnessed three men attacking a defenseless man with a weapon.

The men were said to be beating the man viciously, pistol-whipping and kicking him from left to right.  It was reported, that when Jones chanced upon them, he immediately sprang into action, chasing the men down and knocking the weapon away from the man holding it. Reportedly, Jones then kept the suspects cornered until the police arrived and arrested them.


Police later said the victim was so badly injured that he would not be able to give evidence. In addition, the police also announced that Phoenix Jones had volunteered to give evidence of the attack that almost claimed the victim’s life.

The bloodied victim in the incident wouldn’t provide officers with much information about the fight, but a witness–Seattle’s (in)famous masked adventurer, Phoenix Jones–told police he had seen the suspects pistol-whip and kick the victim after knocking him to the ground,” the police said in a statement.

Jones confirmed the incident and his intervention with the police live on camera. He said in a video posted on YouTube, “I sprinted out as fast as I could and hit him with a right hand. The gun popped out, only the scary part was he didn’t get knocked out.