Reba Wasn’t Sure She Should Release This Video, What I Saw At :32 Seconds … WOW, Just … WOW!!

VIA| When I saw this video of Reba McEntire singing, I remembered why I fell in love with her in the first place.

Reba McEntire has been wowing us for decades with her smooth southern twang, powerhouse performances, and of course that legendary red hair.

Her music can shock a person, tell a story, or fill our hearts with warmth like she did in this song “Angel’s Lullaby.”

The touching song debuted during a season finale of her hit sitcom Reba. The episode is titled “It Ain’t Over ‘Till the Redhead Sings,”… and that’s exactly what our favorite redhead did following the birth of her character’s granddaughter, Elizabeth.

The lyrics to “Angel’s Lullaby” were perfect for the emotional scene that features Reba cradling baby Elizabeth in her arms. As Reba captivated the audience while singing to her precious new granddaughter, I was certain it was the greatest lullaby of all time!

Check out the lyrics to “Angel’s Lullaby”…

“Midnight moonlight shining through the curtain lace
Paints a perfect picture on your perfect face
One sweet angel sleeping in my arms
You are the promise I knew God would keep
You are the gift that makes my world complete

And you’ll never know how much I love you
But I’ll keep on telling you my whole life through
Now I believe in miracles, and you’re the reason why
So dream on while I sing you my angel’s lullaby”

I wish Grandma Reba could sing me to sleep every night! Reba really put her heart into this emotional song that reminds us all of the beautiful blessings a newborn baby brings into our lives.

Warning: You’ll need a box of tissues to watch this video.