VIA| A recent Air Force briefing warned about the potential threat of America’s enemies attempting to shut down its electrical supply for months via a direct physical terror attack or an electromagnetic pulse explosion.

The Washington Examiner, which had a chance to review the briefing, explained that Air Force officials worry that “determined adversaries” such as North Korea and the Islamic State group want to undermine the country’s power supply.

“Experts have suggested that North Korea, for example, is testing missiles to launch a nuclear weapon from a ship off the U.S. coast into the atmosphere where an explosion could shut off electricity for months through an atmospheric EMP explosion,” the paper wrote.

Given what we know about North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, who loves to play with nuclear weapons and constantly threatens to attack the United States, this warning sounds fairly legitimate.

However, the Air Force also warned of other factors that could conceivably cause a plethora of problems for the country’s power supply.

Specifically, it pointed to the power grid’s “aging infrastructure” and also to a “pattern of increasingly extreme and unpredictable storms” and “catastrophic earthquakes” that also could knock power out for weeks, if not months.

The briefing also spoke of a “growing number of cyberattacks” on the grid.

The Conservative Tribune reported last year that the Chinese had successfully used cyber attacks to steal pertinent data about America’s critical infrastructure, particularly the electrical power, telecommunications and Internet backbones — all things vital to the nation’s survival.

Now just imagine this information being obtained the likes of Kim Jong Un or Islamic State group leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

While these are frightening prospects, they unfortunately are all too real and possible in this day and age.

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