VIA| Another day, another (supposedly) well-intentioned gun control measure fails.

Obama likes to claim that nobody is out to take your guns, but the actions of his liberal colleagues speak louder than words. Obama himself has praised Australia’s gun control program, which required mass confiscation through gun buybacks.

California had the “brilliant” idea: why not just confiscate guns from those with mental illnesses? Sounds great in theory – but America has such a broad definition of what constitutes mental illness, many are at risk of confiscation. Sound crazy? You might be! Look what’s happening in California.

Via Townhall

California’s new gun confiscation program is a total disaster. The new law, which went into effect In January, aims to keep firearms out of the hands of potentially dangerous people, like domestic abusers and those afflicted with mental illness. No one wants wife beaters (and the unstable) to own guns, but the way the new law is being implemented sure feeds into the narrative that liberals, especially rabid anti-gunners, want to take away people’s firearms. A local Eyewitness News outfit looked into the matter and found serious problems:

In the quiet Southern California neighborhood of Upland, Lynette Phillips lives a quiet, ordinary life. But in the spring of 2013, it was interrupted by a loud knock on the door. Phillips was greeted by police officers.

Phillips didn’t know yet, but her name was listed in California’s Armed and Prohibited Persons Systems. She was now considered someone who wasn’t allowed to own, or be around, firearms. So, all of her husband’s guns were confiscated, but not before being laid out on the front porch for neighbors to see.

Rewind to a night three months earlier. Phillips, who tells us she suffers from depression and anxiety, had an adverse reaction while switching anti-depressant medications. So, she checked herself into a local mental health hospital for some quick relief.

Eyewitness News took a deeper look into the program, and found several cases where mistakes were made. Michael Merritt of Bakersfield had 18 of his guns seized for a felony charge from the 1970’s that no longer exists.

Merritt says, “I almost fainted and passed out when they said they wanted all of my guns.”

After any mass shootings you’ll see Republicans call for a better mental health system, while liberals call for more gun control. Liberals are now playing the mental health card too, but they’re using it to further bad gun control policies.