ELDER PATRIOT – There is mounting evidence, if not overwhelming evidence that we have a Manchurian President.  Barack Hussein Obama.  Roll that name around in your mind for a while.  For Americans he is proving to be the greatest Muslim threat to their security.  His party, though in the minority, have voted in virtual lock-step to support every one of his policies that, it is now clear, were designed with the intention of destroying Americans’ economic security and personal safety.  This should not be read as an endorsement for the Republicans who have supplied the votes he needed when it was necessary.

Yesterday, he sent his Attorney General Loretta Lynch to tell the media that peace-loving Judeo-Christian Americans must now live in fear of the radicalized Muslim invasion into the United States that he has opened the door to so widely.

What follows are facts, either spoken by AG Lynch or unspoken by the President Obama:

Obama has remained steadfast in his refusal to use the terms “radical” or “extremist” or “Muslim” or “Islamist” when referring to those who have used their Islamic faith to justify bringing terror to our neighborhoods.  This includes forcing the actions of self-proclaimed terrorist Nidal Hasan to be classified as workplace violence.  Hasan killed thirteen fellow military members at Fort Hood in 2009.  In remarks after the unquestioned Islamic terror attack in Paris Obama avoided any reference to Islam or Muslims.  By contrast he has castigated Christians and conservatives early and often before all the facts are known.

Obama hasn’t shown any hesitation in using denigrating terms when describing conservative Americans who he said “cling to their guns and their religion” and whom he and members of his administration have classified as potential terrorists.

Yesterday, under direction of the president, AG Lynch promised “aggressive action” against anyone using “anti-Muslim rhetoric.”  She has chosen to back the interests of Muslims who are either directly involved in terrorist activities or those who have chosen to remain silent when they are aware of a planned attack.  Neighbors of Farook and Malik were suspicious of their activities for weeks prior to their terrorist attack but remained silent for fear of being accused of being Islamaphobic.  Lynch’s statements yesterday only serves to further discourage early warnings about Muslims from observant and concerned citizens.

Those who use virulently anti-American and anti-Jewish/Christian rhetoric are rewarded with funding (Al Qaeda and ISIS) or even a path to nuclear bombs (Iran.)

The president continues pushing his gun confiscation agenda even though the guns used in the most recent attack were illegal, these attacks always take place in gun-free zones, and only Americans with carry permits are in position to react quickly enough to save lives.  When seconds matter the police are minutes away.  Obama’s coming mandates limiting Americans’ access to guns will only amplify the murderous effects of terrorist incidents.

Lynch’s DOJ continues to mandate the arrest of Jewish and Christian children who roll their hand up and point a finger to emulate a gun in a school yard at the same time that it is promising to use all the powers of the Department of Justice to investigate the arrest of Clock Boy as being founded in Islamaphobia.  Clock Boy had brought a device to school that was mistaken for a bomb by school authorities.

Speaking at a dinner to raise funds for and Islamic advocacy group (you read that correctly, the Obama administration is actively raising money for Muslims,) “Muslim Advocates,” Lynch offered Muslims the full support of the DOJ to parents that feel their children are being bullied.  No such support has been offered to the children orphaned by the events in San Bernardino. 

Lynch, speaking on behalf of the entire Obama administration put limitations on our First Amendment rights regarding any discussion of Muslims:  “When we talk about the First Amendment we [must] make it clear that actions predicated on violent talk are not American. They are not who we are, they are not what we do, and they will be prosecuted … My message not just to the Muslim community but to all Americans is ‘We cannot give in to the fear that these backlashes are really based on.’”

Not surprisingly, my research does not turn up a single instance of an Imam being arrested for virulent hate speech during Obama’s entire seven years in office.  Lynch’s threat to violate the First Amendment rights of non-Muslim Americans runs counter to our great tradition of self-defense and open dialogue in the face of an existential threat to our country.  Does anyone think that there were limitations on openly discussing the scourge of Nazism during the lead-up to WW II?  Radical Islam has much in common with Nazism.  In fact, Islamists fought with the Nazis during the war not against them.

Then, of course, there’s the enormous debt he has accumulated that threatens the solvency of our country.

Obama and his entire administration have been telling us who they are since he was inaugurated but many Americans have refused to listen.  If Republicans in congress continue refusing to vote as one and block his every action over the next year Obama has America on course to leave this nation unrecognizable as the free and prosperous Christian nation that he inherited.  As it is today almost sixty percent of Americans no longer feel comfortable in their own country.

Why shouldn’t we feel like strangers in our own country when Obama’s Attorney General tells her Muslim audience, “We stand with you in this.”  The rest of us are warned to keep our mouths shut and disarm.

At this time it’s best to cling to your guns and your religion.