ELDER PATRIOT – The United States is being invaded under the direction of a supremely influential person who has infiltrated the highest offices of our government.  He has used his influence and powers of appointment to wage war against the Rule of Law, against Constitution loving Americans, to aid and abet enemies of capitalism and democracy around the world, arming our enemies, and now by refusing to protect our borders from invasion.

With the support of the Congressional Republican leaders, Barack Hussein Obama has relentlessly attacked everything that had previously kept America safe in a dangerous world. 

Now two hundred thousand Middle Easterners of unknown backgrounds are being allowed to invade our country ostensibly under the guise of a humanitarian effort but one that more resembles our nation’s suicide.  Whatever crisis exists in their homelands is a direct result of the decisions of this president and this congress.

A lone Texas congressman has taken a stand to protect us from the rogue leadership that has orchestrated the invasion.  Republican Brian Babin has drafted the Resettlement Accountability National Security Act aimed at halting the resettlement of refugees in our country until a thorough assessment of the risks and costs is completed.

The risk that we are importing terrorists in the midst of the larger group of refugees is very likely.  Babin explained, “I think you would be very, very foolish to be an advocate of allowing tens to hundreds of thousands of refugees from the Middle East and import their problems into the United States.”  I am a grandfather of 12, and I do not want my grandkids to have a country where we have radical jihad going on that we’ve imported into the nation.”

Babin is not speaking out of paranoia but rather with historical perspective; “It doesn’t take a genius to see what is happening in Western Europe and has happened over the last few years where they have no-go zones in Liverpool and Paris and London and Amsterdam and Copenhagen.  These folks just don’t assimilate… You have unassimilated refugees that basically just create small, microcosms of the countries from which they came. Whether it be Somalia or whether it be Iraq or Syria, this is what you wind up with.”

The congressman is concerned that our communities, that by the way have no say in their designation as landing spots for these people but incur all of the costs, will experience the same crime and terrorism that have made the refugee communities in European cities “no-go zones” for anyone valuing their own safety.

Even absent the risks involved the costs are anticipated to be enormous as previous refuges from that part of the world have proven.  Babin points out that, “We already know that over ninety percent of them are already on some sort of entitlement program when they come in and ninety-one percent of refugees accepted to the United States between 2008 and 2013 were on food stamps; 73 percent on Medicaid refugee medical assistant; 68 percent receive cash welfare payments. This does not even account for the cost to state and local communities.”

It’s time for Americans, deeply rooted Americans, to take a stand and fight back against a treasonous government that has diminished and endangered us in imaginable every way.