Republican Debate … Here's What Really Happened …

ELDER PATRIOT – The disconnect between what the Rockefeller Mediacracy reports and the voting base of the Republican Party sees is clearly on display this morning following last night’s debate at the Reagan Library.

Bloomberg News: “Fiorina broke through and Trump got hammered… no single candidate emerged at the end with a bright red rose.”

The New York Times: “Mr. Trump delivered an uneven performance, …and seemed to fade as the debate wore on…  there were two clear winners… Carly Fiorina and Senator Marco Rubio.”

The Washington Post: “Bush…scored well enough that he may pick up at least a few points in the polls.  Ted Cruz may pick up a bit if Trump loses support.  There will be no new Trump surge.”

The Los Angeles Times?  They turned their debate coverage into an analysis of how this affects Hillary’s candidacy.  They were bemoaning that the Republicans weren’t trying to create more government dependency: “…the Republican debate showed an agenda out of sync with the middle class.  “There was no talk of college affordability, childcare, equal pay.  “There were not any solutions for families.”

What did the people think?

Fiorina did indeed break through winning in the minds of 20% of the respondents.

Rubio won with 6% of the respondents.

Bush scored well enough to garner a whopping 1% of the respondents’ votes.

Cruz tied with Rubio at 6%

Trump entered the debate with 30% support in national polls.  Fifty-five percent of respondents say he won last night’s debate.

The real takeaway from last night is that fully 85% of the respondents have dismissed all of the Republican establishment candidates from consideration; Trump 55%, Fiorina 20%, Cruz 6%, Carson 4%.  The electorate has overwhelmingly rejected the sweet courtship talk of those packaged candidates who were given the chance but reneged on their previous promises to oppose Obama’s policies delivering inconceivable debt instead.