ELDER PATRIOT – Any doubt that the mainstream media serves as nothing more than the facilitating mouthpiece for the worldwide one-government movement should be removed after viewing the first two Republican debates. 

When the questions weren’t directly intended to start a food fight among the participants (Will you apologize to Jeb’s wife?  Did you say Carli was ugly?  Etc.,) they were couched in such a way as to evoke sympathy for those breaking our laws and gaming the system for their benefit and at our expense (So you’ll just round them up and deport them?  You’ll build a wall to keep them out?  Won’t they be without healthcare?  What about the children?  Doesn’t this qualify as a humanitarian crisis?)

Frankly, giving three graduates of journalism school the responsibility of questioning the candidates vying for the burden of unwinding the damage that’s been done by this president and congress is both unfair to them and stupid on it’s face.  Given that they are all employed by participating members of the Rockefeller Mediacracy expecting anything substantive is beyond stupid.

So let’s get this out of the way immediately, there is no such thing as a singular temperament necessary to be president.  Any questions meant to determine how well a candidate plays with his peers are wasted.  By that standard Boehner and McConnell would be excellent candidates. 

During my years I have met a number of effective leaders who were otherwise miserable bastards.  We need effective leadership to reverse the damage that Obama and the Republican congress have done and I don’t care if the next president is a son of a bitch as long as he gets it done.

Now to the questions that weren’t but should’ve been asked:

Where was the discussion about our national debt and the fact that virtually the entire $18 trillion we have burdened our children with is a function of funding our national welfare programs that have only worsened the problems they were meant to address?

Where was the discussion about the ninety-four million American’s without jobs and the effect that foreign workers – legal and illegal – have in exacerbating that situation?

Where were the questions about the Constitutional protections this President, Congress and Supreme Court stripped from us with the passage of the Patriot and North American Defense Authorization Acts without any public discussion or debate?

Where were the questions about sending $100 billion of our tax dollars to our enemies in Iran that will undoubtedly be used to fund more terrorism and that will then likely be used as the reason for stripping of even more of our rights here at home?

Where were the questions about WhyTF our bravest and most committed youngsters are being sent into harms way in the Middle East to fight enemies we are funding and what they plan to do about it?

For their part, if the Republicans were determined to hold meaningful debates they would stage them themselves and ask serious questions about the most pressing issues confronting the protection of our nation’s taxpayers and our nation’s sovereignty.  And, candidates should be given ample time to flesh out their answers.  After all, this is the party’s opportunity to showcase their candidates to their voters.  The fact that they agree to this format every election strongly suggests their willing accession to larger global interests that neither cares about America’s taxpayers nor its sovereignty.