Republican Establishment to Trump: F*ck You

ELDER PATRIOT – Knowledgeable political observers know that both political parties exist solely for the benefit of their corporate masters and international bankers.  Regardless of the party in power our debt grows and laws protecting large cap corporations continue proliferating.  And, the American people continue to lose their freedoms having fallen out of the top ten in every metric.

The American people matter little to these greedy bastards who would most likely sell out their own mothers for a small short-term profit.  That’s why the big money donors are supporting Clinton and Bush (and, now Rubio) simultaneously; they are proven commodities when it comes to delivering the bacon no matter the expense to the American people.

Their plans for an orderly transition of power to Hillary or Bush-Rubio is now challenged by Donald Trump’s consistent and growing leadership in the polls.  Their gravy train is being threatened and these powerbrokers don’t like that. 

No matter how they’ve slanted their reporting, the mainstream media that these powerbrokers control has not been able to lift the establishment’s candidates Bush, Christie or Rubio to a combined level that even slightly threatens Trump.

They have resorted to insisting that Trump cannot beat Hillary in the general election and so therefore he should be dismissed as a candidate.  This is the same mantra they ran by us in 1980 about Ronald Reagan right up until the Monday before the election.  Reagan won in a landslide the next day garnering just short of 91% of the electoral votes.  Had there not been a third party candidate that year his margin in the popular vote would likely have been 15 points.  The media knew what was unfolding but they lied to us, just as they are lying to us now.

The truth is the Republican powerbrokers couldn’t care less if Trump were to lose to Hillary.  They’re concern is that he will win and their polling is indicating that is a growing probability.

They are desperate to destroy the candidacy of Trump because they feel they cannot control him.  Now the backroom dealers are considering drafting Mitt Romney.  Mitt Romney couldn’t beat Barack Obama.  Why would he be considered a viable option?  This should prove they don’t care about winning to defend “Republican Principles.”  They only care about making sure a big government, free spending, new world order candidate wins. 

They have the Democrat nomination locked up but they know this election is the Republican’s to lose and so it appears that they are prepared to surreptitiously do what it takes to get Hillary Clinton elected if a Trump nomination makes her their only option for maintaining the status quo.

All of this maneuvering speaks loudly to, both, Donald Trump and the rank and file who are supporting him in growing numbers.  “F*ck you, you’re in our way!”