Republican Party Elites Threaten To Vote For Hillary

ELDER PATRIOT – As the inevitability of a Trump presidency moves towards reality the panic on the part of Republican Party insiders and their donors explains why they haven’t lifted a finger to help their rank and file voters after they were given control over congress and the Senate.

No matter how much the conservative heads on talk radio explained their acquiescence to the Democrats as a fear of being excluded from the D.C. cocktail party circuit that excuse just never passed muster.  As their numbers swelled they were more than able to populate their own parties.  The plain truth is now clear and likely always was: they promised us conservatism and delivered nothing close instead growing government and crony capitalism beyond anything we or the Democrats ever imagined.

Now comes a report by Brett Baier of Fox News that these insiders are privately saying they’ll vote for Hillary Clinton – a woman they’ve relentlessly charged is the most corrupt and most liberal threat to America and Americans in our lifetimes – rather than vote for Donald Trump.  Wow!!! Really???  Tell me that’s not freakin’ revealing!

This tells us Trump represents an existential threat to their continued ability to deliver the rank and file to the sacrificial altar on election day as they are obligated to do by the arrangement they have carved out with the big money men who own them.

There is good news in all of this.  The charlatans have been exposed and, no matter their protestations or how they vote, the millions of new voters streaming into the Republican Party to back Donald Trump’s candidacy far outnumber the Republican Elite who now finding themselves isolated and electorally impotent.

It’s now becoming obvious that these con artists may be accurate in their prediction that Trump’s election will signal the end of the Republican Party.  That’s because if they are true to their threat they’ll be the one’s responsible for it’s death as their mass defections – like rats scurrying for safety when the lights go on – across the aisle to join Democrats in an attempt to stop President Trump from being successful will be on display for all to see.

If establishment Republicans continue on this path they will have confirmed what so many already feared – the Republican Party wasn’t worth saving.