Republican Party’s Plan to “Steal” the Nomination for Bush Foiled By Donald Trump

ELDER PATRIOT – If you have been wondering why there are 17 candidates still in the race for the Republican presidential nomination when only about a third are being given serious consideration by the voting base what follows will explain the nefarious RNC/GOP plot to install Jeb Bush as our next president.

Let’s begin with the understanding of who the players are. 

The RNC is the entirety of the professional Republican Establishment including everyone who derives any benefits from their affiliation with it.  This is the business end that operates much akin to a crime syndicate. (National, State and regional political entities; polling consultants, campaign consultants, committee employees, etc). The RNC gets the politician elected to Washington DC.  Or, not as they have regularly refused to fund candidates deemed too conservative.

The GOP serves as the financiers who fund the RNC with the expectation that they will derive financial benefits from the policies created by the candidates that their money helped elect.  These include Wall Street banks and banking interests, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, K-Street Lobbyists, and other large donors.

In this model, think of Mitch McConnell and John Boehner as Capos whose job is to maintain the on-the-street operations by delivering the policy votes as they are ordered to.

With the RNC serving as the Board of Directors and the GOP acting as the operating officers they changed existing campaign finance rules in order to finance their costly scheme to elect a largely unpopular man to the presidency. 

The process began in 2014 when they changed campaign-financing rules to allow them to take in a lot more money thereby making it nearly impossible for outsiders to challenge their candidates.  They followed this with legislation creating Super-PACs that are required by law to have loyalty to the GOP plan and not to any candidates.

With the financing covered, the RNC/GOP turned their attention to the challenge of getting an unpopular, but wholly owned candidate, nominated.  They laid the groundwork for this possibility by changing the dates of primaries and the manner in which delegates would be distributed in order to give themselves the best opportunity to get Bush nominated with only 20 – 25% of the vote. 

Let’s look at Florida as an example.  Internal polling had Bush losing to Scott Walker by 10% and Ted Cruz by 20% in head-to-head matchups.  With all three in contention, Bush receives 30% of the vote with Cruz and Walker splitting the remaining 70% evenly.  By creating the right mix of candidates they are able to have Bush win Florida with only 25% of the vote.  In Florida the “splitter” that makes the difference is Marco Rubio who “steals” 10 percent from both Cruz and Walker clearing the path for a Bush win all 99 delegates as the new rules provide for.

By mixing and matching candidates in this manner, and by putting money behind fringe candidates who are capable of “stealing” a few points from Bush’s main challengers the RNC/GOP were planning to manipulate primaries in this manner in state after state in order to secure the nomination for Jeb Bush.

The specifics of the plan they devised is heavily reliant on internal polling data that measures Bush’s performance against specific combinations of opponents on a district-by-district basis across every state.  Granted, it’s a very expensive plan to implement but its cost is dwarfed by the payoff of controlling trillions of dollars of tax monies to allocate as they see fit to the party’s financiers.

This is not a hypothesis.  “Trip wires” were set up to prove the validity of this theory and every one of them was triggered in the exact construct and at the exact time anticipated.

Only something happened on Jeb Bush’s road to the nomination: Donald Trump.  Simply, Trump has turned the establishment plan on its head by destroying the scheme they had so painstakingly planned and implemented. 

The financiers are coming to the realization that the RNC/GOP plan is failing and are abandoning their support of Bush.  With the financiers’ other hand-picked and wholly owned candidate, Hillary Clinton, beset by scandal they are left scrambling to protect the gravy train they had constructed.

For their part, the RNC/GOP first tried destroying Trump.  Now they are trying to co-opt him.  Having already spent hundreds of millions of dollars on their plan to control the multi-trillion dollar U.S. budget, they are at a loss as to what to do about the Donald.

That is why the report that Trump may soon be receiving Secret Service protection is so troubling.  Presidents Kennedy and Reagan both challenged the establishment Elites and both were shot while be protected by the Secret Service.

May God protect Donald Trump.  Not because of his politics but, because he alone is now capable of restoring the government to the people.