Republicans Have LOST THIS One Thing Which Once Made Them DIFFERENT …

ELDER PATRIOT – Yesterday’s withdrawal by Kevin McCarthy from consideration for the Speakership of the House is a clear indicator of the extent of the turmoil the Republican Party has caused itself.  While this is bad news for the party’s political hacks whose avarice has all but destroyed the party, it is actually good news for the rank and file who remain hopeful that our Founding Principles will again guide their party. 

The party’s halcyon days under Reagan, almost three decades in the past, is now just a memory.  The current crop of corrupt Republican office holders were only too eager to adopt the mantra of the Secular-Left that “The era of Reagan is over.”  The question is inescapable, why would Republicans reject the political ideologies that were so successful and that united the nation as evidenced by Mr. Reagan’s two landslide electoral victories, the second bigger than the first?

Central to Reagan’s model for governance were morality, protecting individual wealth, and defending U.S. sovereignty.  None of these tenets square with the current group of Republicans who seem to have been intent on destroying all three.

It’s curious that in the wake of a letter written by Rep. Walter Jones (R-N.C.) warning House members with “skeletons in their closet” not to seek the speakership, McCarthy removed himself from consideration for the third highest position in American politics.  Immediately the Internet was abuzz with rumors of a McCarthy affair fueled by a Wikileaks post from an IP address originating within the Department of Homeland Security.  Whether this was the reason behind McCarthy’s withdrawal isn’t important.  What is important is that the morality that had guided the Republican Party until early 1989 no longer formed the party’s governing foundation and Congressman Jones was reminding everyone of that.

Rather than choosing to stand in stark contrast to the societal decay the Democrat’s policies were ushering in, the Republicans became their partners in undermining our nation’s morality, spending Americans into an unfathomable level of debt, fostering unfettered immigration, and, most importantly, destroying our national resolve.

On October 13, 1986 President Reagan spoke to the nation to update them on the progress of his meetings with Soviet General Secretary Mikhail Gorbachev.  Reagan had made the freedom of Soviet citizens central to his negotiations with Mr. Gorbachev and explained his reason why to the American people: “For a government that will break faith with its own people cannot be trusted to keep faith with foreign powers.”

The Republican Party would do well, as it seeks to resurrect itself, to keep Reagan’s insistence on morality as the party’s guiding principle for a party that cannot be trusted to keep faith with its voters cannot be trusted with the responsibility of governing.