Revisiting History Christian Tolerance Vs. Islamist Intolerance

ELDER PATRIOT – Because the ignorance of many liberals causes them to think history begins today lets take a trip down memory lane to show just how tolerant Christians are.


The Piss Christ (1987)

The Piss Christ is described as photographic art created by Andres Serrano in 1987 when he photographed a crucifix of Jesus Christ that he had immersed in a jar of his urine.  Obviously this disgusted many Christians and they objected to calling it art but they limited their argument to the public funding of it’s display.

Not all Christians viewed Serrano’s work as blasphemous, however.  Rather than viewing it as blasphemous Sister Wendy Beckett, a Catholic nun and art critic told an interviewer that she regarded the work as a comment on contemporary society and “what we have done to Christ.”

While the “artwork” was on tour in 2012 Christians asked Obama to denounce it.  He refused.

Serrano lives in peace to this day as testimony to the tolerance of Christians everywhere.

The same cannot be said of Islamist tolerance and the staff at the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo where twelve employees were killed and another eleven injured by Islamists armed with assault rifles because they were offended by some satirical cartoons.


“100 coups de fouet, si vous n’êtes pas morts de rire !”  The phrase translates into English as, “100 lashes, if you don’t die of laughter !”

L’amour: Plus fort que la haine,” translates to “Love: Stronger than hate.”

The saddest aspect of this is that this reaction is now expected.  In fact it has come to be expected from Islamists so much so that when our embassy in Benghazi came under assault President Obama and his Secretary of State Hillary Clinton felt confident that they could get away with blaming the deaths of our embassy personnel on a Youtube video.  Obama even had the filmmaker imprisoned.

History dictates that it’s time for liberals to consider just what they’re getting in bed with.