Revolutionizing Political Campaigning And Crushing The Left-Right Paradigm

ELDER PATRIOT – Like many Americans I enjoy watching Shark Tank.  One of the major lessons that regularly emerge from the show is that winners must be able to scale the reach of their products to be wildly successful.  Last night watching Donald Trump once again fill an arena of considerable size to SRO I couldn’t help but make the parallel with how Trump has been able to scale his reach with his supporters unlike his competition.

While the other candidates “press the flesh” in living rooms and country clubs meeting with big money donors to raise money Trump has sidestepped that process and that’s given him the time to concentrate on getting his message out by turning up anywhere and everywhere on radio and television, in the process using their megaphone for free. 

Where the other candidates spend inefficiently on staffing and messaging they stress to fill H.S. gymnasiums with supporters.  Trump rents out major arenas and fills them precisely because his no nonsense oratory lacks nuance making it appealing to the broadest spectrum of Americans.

Where the other candidates, both Democrat and Republican, contend for recognition of their ideological purity, either as liberals or conservatives, Trump has bypassed the Left-Right paradigm that allowed for the emergence of a one-party system and has caused so much damage in the governance of the United States.

Trump’s strategy was made clear this week when Ted Cruz, in attempt to attract the ideologically conservative vote announced that Trump wasn’t a conservative.  Rather than argue that he was, and isolate himself as a radical right-winger, Trump defined himself as a populist seeking only to advance the issues of greatest concern to the largest amount of Americans;

Remember, it was the Republican Party, with the help of Conservatives that made so many promises to their base, BUT DIDN’T KEEP THEM! Hi DT

  • Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) February 11, 2016

Trump is letting the other candidates define themselves and thereby saddle themselves with the limitations of appeal that comes with those labels. 

Most significantly Trump’s customer acquisition cost is a fraction of his competition something that would make Mr. Wonderful proud and have Mark Cuban’s interest.

This is what becomes of a political establishment that divides itself along the lines of two ideologically competing parties for the purposes of getting elected but then proceeds to govern as an Oligarchy.

Where the other candidates are peddling their wares through retail politics Trump has established a way to sell him self through wholesale politics.  And, just like those big box stores Trump’s campaign is costing his supporters less and delivering a whole lot more.

The Democrats insist on selling liberalism to America.  The Republicans insist on selling conservatism to America.  Trump has sidestepped those self-limiting ideologies and is selling American Greatness to Americans and, just like those big box stores that give people what they want, Americans are buying it in quantity.

If Trumps ingenuity in managing his political campaign is any indication of Trump’s ability to manage the responsibilities of the presidency America he just might deliver on making “Make America Great Again” more than just campaign rhetoric.