Right and Left Elitists Both Hate Trump … He Must Be Doing Something Right

ELDER PATRIOT – The Republican Party’s Ruling Elite’s fear of Donald Trump’s candidacy has been well documented.  They appear to be powerless to stop him though.  By defining himself (and, them) before they had a chance to define him, Trump now enjoys a unique space where the more the media and the party attack him the higher his popularity soars.

Now the Secular-Left has picked up the fight for their Republican brethren.  Arthur Caplan, founding director of the Division of Medical Ethics at NYU, and Kelly McBride, writer, teacher, and a self-proclaimed media ethicist, have co-authored an article at Poynter.org comparing Donald Trump to Adolph Hitler.  Seriously.

The article speaks almost exclusively to Hitler’s heinous campaign to exterminate Jews and then draws a thin connection to Trump’s indelicate statements when broaching the much needed immigration debate that no other candidate has shown the courage to engage in.  That’s it.

For Left-wing ethicists this is sufficient.  For the rest of us Kelly McBride doesn’t get past the smell test to be considered a media ethicist.  That NYU considers Art Caplan one of the great bio-philosophers of our time would be laughable if he wasn’t spreading his personal hatred to young people spending upwards of $70,000 annually to pay for an education that might actually help them as adults.

What conveniently escape these two “recognized ethicists” are the much stronger parallels between our current president and the former head of the Nazi Party.

  • Both Obama and Hitler were lacking any notable accomplishments before attaining power.  The same cannot be said of Trump.
  • Both Obama and Hitler were outwardly dismissive of the Jewish people.  Hitler endeavored to exterminate them outright, and not to relocate them or expel them from Germany.  Obama’s recent negotiations permitting the terrorist state of Iran to develop nuclear weapons technology, while not requiring them to recognize Israel’s right to exist, indicates he has more in common with Hitler than Caplan and McBride care to acknowledge.  The same cannot be said of Trump.
  • Even on issues of social engineering Caplan and McBride avoid addressing the important similarities between Hitler and Obama.  Hitler used the Jews as scapegoats to rally his constituents.  Obama uses the entire white race to rally his followers.  The same cannot be said of Trump who never attacked the entire Hispanic race but only a segment that have chosen to thumb their noses at our laws.

Expect many more of these gratuitous attacks on Trump who represents a real threat to the Ruling Elite that both parties currently bow to.  The Left is aware that their problems with a Trump candidacy will surface later, once he has secured the Conservative base of the Republican Party.  Trump will then move to the center where many of his more moderate positions will resonate loudly with disgruntled Democrats and Independents and promising to make him a formidable candidate to the end.