ROMNEY WORDSWORTH – I never thought the Republican Party Elites would go this far.  I never thought that, in their desperate scorched Earth tactics against Donald Trump, they would go all the way and destroy the Republican Party itself.  But this latest letter from the RNC Rules Committee will do just that, and they have to know this.

The Republican National Standing Rules Committee has issued a letter changing the convention rules in a drastic way:  Curly Haugland, Republican National Committeeman for North Dakota, set out in a letter sent to delegates that they may “vote according to their personal choice in all matters to come before the Republican National Convention, including the vote to nominate the Republican Candidate for President” and disregard voters.

Haugland dismisses primaries as “nearly worthless ‘beauty contests’”.  Haugland goes on:  “Every delegate to the 2016 Republican National Convention is a completely free agent, free to vote for the candidate of their choice on every ballot at the convention in Cleveland in July. Every delegate is a Superdelegate!”

So called “Superdelegates”, you may recall, is an invention of the Democrat Party elites who, unhappy with the nominations of George McGovern and Jimmy Carter in the 1970’s, created a way for the party leadership to over-ride the will of their voters.  This is being played out right now on the Democrat side with Hillary Clinton using Superdelegates to bury Bernie Sanders in the primaries, even when she loses a particular state.

The key phrase in Haugland’s last sentence is “every ballot”.  Up until now, the convention rules have been that delegates are pledged to vote for the candidate that the voters chose on the first nomination ballot.  Only if there is no nominee with 1237 votes is there a second round of voting, with delegates free to change their votes.  With this change, the delegate selection process is now completely disconnected from the ballots cast by voters.  “We the People” have been cut out of the process.

This Rules Committee change is a declaration of war by party leaders on their own voters.  It turns the primary process into a cruel charade, with no more weight in the electoral process than the Drudge Poll has.  The Oligarchy has long had a system where we were presented with the illusion of choice between two groomed establishment candidates, either of which, whether Democrat or Republican, could be counted on to carry out the agenda of the elites.  No matter which party won, nothing ever changed in Washington, or rarely did so.  When Ronald Reagan attempted to reverse the course of ever growing central government, the elites forced him to take George H.W. Bush as his vice president.  The Bush clan were friends with the Hinckley family, and it was John Hinckley who “just happened” to make an attempt to assassinate Ronald Reagan.  After that, the establishment kept Reagan medicated and on a short leash.

This cycle, the elites have unleashed every trick in the book to derail the campaign of Donald Trump, because he is the only candidate not under their control.  Those attempts have failed thus far, and so now it appears the elites are prepared to destroy one of their two mainline parties in a last ditch attempt to stop him.

So why do I say this will destroy the Republican party?  Simple.  The elites have their rules and their delegate system, but Donald Trump has the voters.  He doesn’t have to keep playing in their casino, losing at their rigged game.  He can walk out of the convention, and he will end up taking about 70% of the party rank and file with him.  How do I get to 70%?  That is the percentage to the Republican primary vote that has refused to vote for the obvious establishment candidates, campaigning on the status quo and promising to screw over America with another blanket amnesty and more international trade “deals” that ship American jobs overseas. 

Plus, Republican voters will not take it lightly that their primary votes no longer count for anything.  They will be enraged and incensed.  Government officials have figured this out too, and that’s why the city of Cleveland is stocking up on riot gear.  Voters will be angry enough so that they will leave the Republican party and follow Trump to form a new party.  One which will automatically be significantly larger than what will be left of the Republicans.  The Republican party will quickly wither and die like the Whig party did.  Current Republican party office holders like Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan will simply join the Democrat party—they already vote like Democrats anyway.

And Trump could still win the general election, and maybe this is a blessing in disguise.  This country desperately needs a real opposition party, one that will put in check the Ruling Party that currently controls an increasingly Imperial Washington.