ROMNEY WORDSWORTH – The RNC continues to plot and scheme against the nomination of Donald Trump, even while the rest of the candidate field melts away.  John Kasich cannot, mathematically, get to 1237 delegates.  The fact that he remains in the race is a monument to his own ego and the vainglorious dream of a brokered convention delivering the nomination to a candidate who has only won one state.  Even if you buy into the idea of trying to deny Donald Trump the nomination, by staying in the race all Kasich is doing is dividing the anti-Trump vote.  Trump and Cruz have already announced that they will combine their delegates to block Kasich a floor vote nomination, so Kasich really is wasting everybody’s time by staying in the race.  A vote for Kasich is a wasted vote.

Ted Cruz, the only credible challenger left, would need to win 87% of the rest of the remaining delegates to reach 1237.  A slim chance, but unlikely.

So, the RNC potentates have settled on a strategy of gaming the rules, and changing the rules at the convention, and this is what draws the comparisons to Fizbin.  What is Fizbin, you ask?  It is a reference to an episode of Star Trek, where Captain James T. Kirk uses one of his legendary bluffs to get out of captivity.  The best way to explain it is for you to watch this brief clip.  Enjoy Bill Shatner’s acting at its hamiest.

Okay, so does everybody get what the reference to Fizbin means in the political context?  It’s a scam, a blatant and outrageous making up of the rules of the game on the fly so that the other guy can never win.  This is exactly what the RNC is now floating in public trial balloons with respect to the looming Trump nomination.  Things like reinterpreting Rule 16(d) to block certain Trump delegates from being seated.  This rule says that nobody can be a delegate if they are from a state where voters who are not registered Republicans can vote in the Republican primary. Like Massachusetts, where Trump got 22 delegates. Not like New Hampshire, where Democrats and Independents can officially re-register as Republicans going into the polling booth, vote on a Republican ballot, and re-register as a Dem on their way out, all on the same day. But they will count an open primary state like Arkansas, where Trump racked up 16 delegates.  Get it?  Just like playing Fizbin!

The RNC potentates want to preserve the status quo on a system where arcane and byzantine rules allow them to select who Americans are allowed to vote for, giving us (to use another TV analogy) a choice between Kang and Kodos.  No matter who you pull the lever for, you get an Alien Overlord as your President.


First RNC Chair Reince Preibus said the primaries aren’t about elections but about candidates trying to “join us.”  Funny, I thought they were already “Republicans”.  Preibus makes it sound like he runs a yacht club instead of a mainstream political party.

“The media has created the perception that the voters choose the nomination. That’s the conflict here,” Curly Haugland, an unbound GOP delegate from North Dakota and member of the all-powerful RNC Rules Committee, told CNBC’s “Squawk Box” on Wednesday. He even questioned why primaries and caucuses are held.

The RNC is now suggesting that the nominating convention is wide open to former candidates and non-candidates like Speaker Ryan on the same day former speaker Boehner says he wants Ryan coronated as President.


The RNC Cleveland Coronation 2016, as imagined by Reince Preibus.

Give Donald Trump the credit for forcing the Oligarchy to drop its mask and expose who and what they truly are:  An Oligarchy that stands against the principle of Government By the People, For the People.  On the Democrat side, the system of Super Delegates is even more blatant in bringing about a Selection, not an Election.

And if that doesn’t work, the elites are prepared to resort to sending brownshirt thugs out in the streets and to Trump Rallies to use violence, intimidation, and suppression of free speech in order to achieve the desired outcome.  This week Eric Trump, Donald’s son, received an envelope with white powder in it, along with a demand that Trump drop out of the race or see members of his family killed.  Make no mistake, the people who rule in Washington are organized crime families, and they use the same methods when they need to in order to protect their power.

A vote for Donald Trump is a vote for Liberty and Freedom, and throwing off our chains.  A vote for anyone else is rubbish.