ROB LOWE Just Showed OBAMA How Our TROOPS Should Be HONORED, This Is Truly AMAZING!

VIA| When Rob Lowe heard a wounded Marine needed a home, he responded in the most patriotic way. This story made me fall in love with him even more.

Rob Lowe didn’t let his busy schedule get in the way of showing support for our military in the most breathtaking way over the 9/11 weekend.

Lowe participated in Ride To The Flags VIII, a fully-escorted motorcycle ride along the California coast benefiting bilateral amputee Marine Corporal Kyle Moser. Over 1,000 motorcycle riders from all over the U.S. attended the event in support of wounded military and to commemorate the anniversary of 9/11… yes, Rob Lowe is a biker!

Marine Cpl. Kyle Moser was only 19 when he lost his legs from an IED while deployed to Afghanistan in 2011. Barely alive with his body mangled, Cpl. Moser bled out 19 units of blood. When the hospital did not have enough B Positive blood to replace all that he had lost, military members with a matching blood type stepped up to donate theirs in hopes to keep Cpl. Moser alive.

“Kyle’s injuries included double above-knee amputations, a partial amputation of his ring finger, lacerations to his arms and face, severe soft tissue damage and skin loss to his legs and arms, loss of some wrist and hand bones, a fractured pelvis, moderate traumatic brain injury, as well as severe damage to both ear drums.” – Ride To The Flags.


The coastal motorcycle ride Lowe participated in was organized by the White Heart Foundation to raise funds to build a smart house by Jared Allen Homes for Wounded Warriors.


The White Heart Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to “helping our heroes maintain as normal a life as possible after sacrificing so much serving our nation.”

Above is Lowe at the event with Capt. Larry Vasquez on the left, Ride to the Flags founder Ryan Sawtelle on the right.

Check out Rob Lowe’s tweet about the event:

I can’t say I’m surprised that our favorite famous Republican would support an incredible cause like this. Lowe posted a picture on Instagram with a sweet message about the Boy Scouts who attended the patriotic event. It’s great to see him not only supporting our military, but also the Boy Scouts!

Check out his Instagram post about the event:


With the #boyscouts They make the future look good. #men #service #honor #Profile4Men

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When I watched this video about Cpl. Moser’s journey, it made me even more proud that our favorite famous Republican participated in Ride To The Flags.

Watch Cpl. Moser’s story right now…

How inspiring! Thanks to Lowe and everyone involved with Ride To The Flags, Cpl. Moser will finally get the home he deserves.

Hollywood is drowning with liberals, so it’s extremely rare to see a celebrity support our military. I LOVE how Rob Lowe isn’t afraid to stand up for his conservative beliefs and supports our troops.

America needs more celebrities like Rob Lowe!